Reduce Your Operating Expenses & Increase Profit

Forecast Your Budget With Easy To Use Dashboards

Reduce the expense of your business by lowering energy consumption.

The energy consumption of your business is often one of the most substantial expenses of your business. By implementing effective energy management, you will be able to ensure the most efficient use of your energy. This can go a long way toward reducing your expenses and optimizing your profits.

Energy Management Information System

Building Intelligence

More than dashboards. Vitality's Building Intelligence puts energy to work with advanced analytics, AI, and alarming.


Easily convert energy data, such as kWh and kW, to any number of emission benchmarks with our easy-to-use emission point creator

Anomoly Detection

Know what is happening inside your building as it happens with Vitality's Anomaly Detection.


Visualize your energy data in easy to digest, heat maps by hourly consumption, monthly consumption, and by building.

Executive Summary

Easily access data into one, easy to use executive dashboard that not only tells you where you've been but where you are going.


Display data in an easy-to-digest format on any screen without a password.

Weather Normalization

Weather Normalize any data point inside of Vitality with our Weather Normalization app. Easy track energy savings in real-time

Energy Star Automation

Easily benchmark your building with Vitality's two-way sync with the EPA's Energy Star Portfolio Manager

Rate Schedule Optimization

The Vitality Rate Schedule Optimization can compare rate schedules to see if their are savings available.

Real-Time Energy Analytics


Smart Building Technology

Vitality’s platform is designed to simplify your processes. Integration, automation, and effective data collection is critical in thorough energy management.

Efficient Data Collection

Excellent data collection is a key component in an effective energy management solution. Our services help to ensure that you can collect all the data necessary to make the best decisions for your property.

Improved Data Integrity

Vitality helps to provide accurate, up-to-date information to improve your processes. Obtaining accurate information is important in preventing substantial issues with your energy management process.

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