Emissions Tracking

Report, & Reduce
Your Emissions

All in the cloud

Save the planet by reducing emissions.

Reduce your carbon footprint by measuring your emissions

Reducing Emissions is no easy task. Most businesses fail because they don’t know where to begin. VITALITY puts this data at your fingertips with our cloud-based Energy Management platform. Easily convert any Building IoT data into emission data without any programming.

See how it works

Curious about how it works? Watch the demo video to gain a clear understanding of how VITALITY’s platform can help you reduce emissions.

Collect Data Automatically

Simplify your data collection process with VITALITY's automatic data-gathering capabilities.

Transform IoT Data

Convert any IoT data into emissions, such as Co2 or Carbon.

Measure ROI

Accurately measure your return on investment with your Emission Reduction Measures.

No credit card, no commitment – just results.

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