Energy Management Software System

All Your Energy Management Tools, Under One Roof

Commercial energy data management software can help you reduce your energy consumption, and emissions, and save money.

Energy Management Software

A commercial energy data management system software that can help you reduce your energy consumption, and emissions, and save money. VITALITY consolidates all commercial building data onto one platform for energy reports and dashboards.

Building Intelligence

Create beautiful, data-driven dashboards that turn energy data into actionable data.

Weather Normalization

Easily benchmark your buildings with accurate weather normalization.


Pull in data from virtually any non-proprietary source with over 40 native integrations.

All of your Energy Management Software tools, in one central platform

Reducing energy in buildings is tough.  Today’s modern buildings and portfolios have multiple building automation platforms, IoT data is spread across different manufacturers, and utility bill data can be overwhelming.  There has to be a better way than managing multiple logins and magic spreadsheets for property management energy data. 

VITALITY’s Commercial Energy Data Management System software gives you a central platform for all your building data. You’ll save time and get data that you can use to reduce your energy and emissions on a large scale.

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Get started quickly with a personalized onboarding plan that can include design and commissioning services.  Then maximize results along the way with premium training, ongoing consulting and technical services. 


From submeters to building automation devices, VITALITY’s eStore offers everything you need to turn your building into a smart building and stay ahead of growing energy costs.


VITALITY’s best-in-class customer support team is ready to help you with all of your energy management and technical questions.  We can be reached by live chat, email or phone. 

Real-Time Energy Analytics

Smart Building Technology

VITALITY's platform is designed to simplify your processes. Integration, automation, and effective data collection is critical in thorough energy management.

Transform IoT Data

Excellent data collection is a key component in an effective energy management solution. Our services help to ensure that you can collect all the data necessary to make the best decisions for your property.

Collect Data Automatically

VITALITY helps to provide accurate, up-to-date information to improve your processes. Obtaining accurate information is important in preventing substantial issues with your energy management process.

One Platform for Your Utility Data

VITALITY brings all your building data under one roof.


Complete submetering solutions.

Utility Billing

Increase profit & reduce expense

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