Best Property Management Software for 2019

Managing property involves a multitude of aspects. It can be incredibly time-consuming and stressful to successfully manage multiple properties. Not only do property managers have to find tenants, screen tenants, manage processes, and perform many other tasks, but they also have to figure out an energy management solution. Though here at Vitality Energy, we offer optimal energy management systems, there are methods to help with the other aspects of property management.

Property management software can help simplify an array of other responsibilities of a project manager. Property management software is able to help streamline this wide array of processes, as well as make the life of a property manager much easier. This software is generally designed to automate processes and simplify property management. However, because real estate is such a large and continuously growing industry, there are endless options for property management software. For your convenience, we have compiled some of the best property management software for 2019.


Cozy is a property management software solution that provides free software to its users. This program allows property managers to list properties, screen tenants, and collect rent. This helps you keep your property organized, especially when you have multiple properties. Additionally, Cozy makes it easy for tenants to communicate with the landlord. It also helps ensure that your property management processes go as smoothly as possible, without any extra expense of your own.


Appfolio is generally considered to have the best mobile functionality of property management software programs. This adds an extraordinary level of convenience for both landlords and tenants, because they can access the application directly from their mobile device. Appfolio is incredibly easy to use and features extensive metrics that can assist property managers with their processes.

Appfolio is somewhat more expensive than other property management programs. The pay scale for Appfolio is based on an individual unit price, though it has a minimum payment of $250 per month. This means that Appfolio is generally best for property managers that manage hundreds of properties. This software contains a large range of tools that are available to help with multiple kinds of properties, whether they are apartments, individual units, multi-units, or more. Appfolio helps to streamline many of the general processes of property managers. It helps provide tenant screening, accepts rental applications, and can provide advertising for vacancies which can help you fill them faster and save money.


Buildium is a very versatile application that is capable of being used for few units or many units. This software is simple and incredibly easy to use. It features a free trial that will allow you to ensure that the software will perform all of the functions that you need it to perform. Like many of the other property management software options, this program is able to accept applications and screen tenants. Buildium is generally considered the easiest property management software to use, which provides many benefits for all users. They even have a guide to help you along the way. 


TenantCloud is a platform for property management software that is free for property managers that manage under 75 units. However, it is still extremely inexpensive for property managers that have more properties than this. Despite how inexpensive it is, TenantCloud has many of the same features as more expensive programs. It is easy to use and even allows roommates to split the rent directly through the application, which is a rare feature for property management software.

Rent Manager

Rent Manager is another choice for property management software. It is highly customizable, which ensures that you can tailor the application to your specific business and its needs. This software also features a voice recording and broadcasting tool, which allows you to record a message and broadcast it to your tenants. Additionally, Rent Manager significantly simplifies communication between tenants and landlords. This software provides incredibly efficient management for multiple aspects of property management. Rent Manager has an excellent mobile platform, ensuring optimal convenience for all of its users.


FantasticStay is used for many platforms, including Airbnb. It is generally ideal for use with properties that feature shorter rentals, like vacation rentals and Airbnb. FantasticStay helps manage both listings and advertisements, which is important for these kinds of rentals. This platform allows for easy communication between all parties. Additionally, the payment processes are simple and safe, implementing QuickBooks and other systems. FantasticStay offers a free-trial to ensure that its features are meeting all of your needs before you commit to its use. This platform is highly customizable and allows for the automation of multiple processes.

Condo Control Central

Condo Control Central is a platform that, as its name would suggest, is ideal for condos. It allows property managers to fully digitize their processes; all necessary transactions can be completed online. This software also has intensive security processes that protect all of the information stored within the platform. Condo Control Central allows for instant communication because it notifies all users when necessary through push notifications or other messages. This software is even capable of processing package deliveries.

There are many choices for property management software, which is why it is important to evaluate these choices to ensure that you find a property management software program that works for you and your specific business. Though there are many free options for property management software, it may be best to invest in a paid program that features more functions, especially if you manage many properties.

We understand that working as a property manager is an incredibly stressful line of work. Here at Vitality Energy, we do our best to minimize the amount of strain placed on you. We are capable of managing and automating your energy processes, which can help ensure that you can save money and learn more about the energy consumption of your properties. We are also capable of implementing both ratio utility billing systems or submetering systems to commercial rental properties. This will minimize the amount of time that you have to spend managing utility bills, which will allow you to focus your attention on more important things. To learn more about how our energy management services can benefit your properties, contact us at Vitality Energy today!

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