Centralized Utility Management Software

Building Intelligence with Integrated Utility & Building Data​

Our Turn-Key solution allows you to take the hassle and headache out of Utility Management by allowing a one-stop solution to all your utility needs. Our solution reduces downtime, increases net operating income, and keeps your utility costs low.

Under One Roof

Vitality consolidates all of your buildings’ data onto one platform for easy accessibility and analysis.​

Energy Management

Commercial energy data management software that can help you reduce your energy consumption, and emissions, and save money.

Water Utility

Optimize Water Usage, Save Costs, and Conserve Resources with VITALITY's Water Utility Management Software - Where Every Drop Counts!

Utility Management: Reimagined

Hassle-free, one-stop solution for all your utility needs. Increase NOI and save costs.

Utility Management

Utility Benchmarking

Benchmark with VITALITY through EnergyStar to reduce energy usage, save costs, and cut carbon footprint. 

Real-Time Metering

Real-time metering software: up-to-the-minute usage data, data-driven decisions, improved efficiency, and cost savings. 

Emission Tracking

Automate emission tracking from metering and utility bills for EPA compliance or custom algorithms with VITALITY.


By automatically analyzing your utility bills, VITALITY can identify anomalies or discrepancies in usage and patterns to identify opportunities for cost savings.

Utility Bill Verification

Compare your building real-time meter data directly to utility bill data to verify if the utility is billing your correctly.

Utility Expense Management

Centralize you utility costs for better analytics, reporting, and alerts. Enjoy easy-to-use interface with VITALITY.

Reduce Operating Expenses​

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. We all know how true this is, yet in building operations measuring data is all over the place. With VITALITY's Building Intelligence you can consolidate all of your data into one place. Allowing you to make better decisions faster and easier

Data From Almost Anywhere

What good is building intelligence if you don’t have the data to make informed decision? This is why we built VITALITY to accept data from any non-proprietary device. As long as your hardware can talk to our cloud we can display the data.

Built By You - For You

VITALITY was established and constructed by energy managers who have had firsthand experience operating a vast collection of buildings. This is why we designed VITALITY to be highly adaptable and simple to implement. By utilizing Building Intelligence, we eliminate the need for guesswork in building operations. So when we say "we have been there... literally," we truly mean it.

One Platform for Your Utility Data

VITALITY brings all your building data under one roof.


Complete submetering solutions.

Utility Billing

Increase profit & reduce expense

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