Smart Building Control

Connect, view, and control all of your smart building IoT devices in one easy to use platform.

Put your energy data to work by using advanced AI to remotely control IoT devices such as smart thermostats

Remotely set HVAC set points and see how much each unit is costing to operate. 

  • Save Money and Energy through remote control of smart devices
  • Take back control from the utility with a fully functioning control dashboard. 
  • Automate Reporting
  • Increase Net Operating Income
  • and so much more!
Deep Analytics

Advanced AI

Vitality allows advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to remotely monitor and control your smart building and IoT devices.  Saving you money.

Advance Dashboards

User Friendly Programming

Eliminate the need for expensive building control programming and specialists.  Vitality allows you to easily program and control your IoT devices from the cloud.  

Custom Reporting

Custom Controls

Need custom controls?  Vitality allows you to easily change set points and controls through an easy to use web-based user interface

Maximize Net Operating Income

Tired of maintaining your building automation system?  Are you spending more on service calls than it is worth?  Vitality connects low-cost IoT devices to a modern Building Automation System saving time, money and increasing profits.  

A Platform Built By You

A Modern Building Automation System

Building Automation Systems are expensive to install and expensive to maintain.  The cost of ownership almost outweighs the advantage of installing.  Vitality allows you to connect to any IoT device giving you the ability to remotely control without costly programming or maintenance.  

Reduce Operating Expenses

Reduce Operating Expenses

Energy Costs are rising.  Reducing your energy is not only good for the environment but great for your bottom line.  Vitality allows you to reduce your buildings operating expense by using advanced AI to remotely control your facility through modern IoT devices.  

Data From Almost Anywhere

Control Any IoT Device

IoT devcies, such as smart thermostats are the future.  Why pay the expense of installing a building automation system that requires an advanced degree to program?  Vitality puts allows you to easily program and control any IoT device from the cloud.  

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