Turn-Key Submetering Solutions

Design, Installation, & Maintenance

VITALITY Submetering Solutions

Our submetering solutions provide comprehensive, end-to-end services for all sizes of buildings to design, install, commission, and maintain a submetering system.  We can take on all aspects of the submetering process, from the initial assessment and installation of the submetering infrastructure to the ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and software support.  Let us handle the complexities of your submetering system.  


With over 20 years of experience, we can help you design the most complex submetering solutions complete with stamped drawings, one-line diagrams, specification sheets, and equipment lists


Need help installing the submeters? We have licensed professionals ready to install the submeters you need.


Inaccurate data can cause all kinds of issues for a submetering systems. We can commission your meters to ensure data accuracy and integrity.


After the meters are installed and commissioned, program the meters to speak accurately across networks such as BacNet, LAN or WiFi.


Do you know if your meters are still reading accurately? We can certify your meters for accuracy and data integrity.


The most frustrating part of Submetering is the ongoing maintenance issues. We can help reduce these frustrations through our maintenance and certification programs.

Need Equipment or Software? We handle that too...

The Benefits of Submetering

There are many benefits to the use of submetering for your utility distribution system. It can be used to help encourage energy conservation, because it will show you exact areas where you can cut back on energy use. It allows you to have more control over your energy-related expenses. This creates a situation where everyone wins. You will be able to devise effective energy conservation techniques, which is good for both your wallet and the environment. It will also ensure that you won’t have to spend excessive amounts of time on utility bill management processes. Water submetering is also an extremely accurate solution. This method also helps to increase your productivity. We can completely automate your utility billing system. You will no longer have to spend endless hours figuring out how to distribute utility expenses. Our submetering services can help simplify the processes and allow you to obtain the ideal utility bill management system possible.

Submetering Solutions For...

Commercial Properties

We help you with your submetering requirements to increase your Net Operating Income.


We help implement your energy management systems to successfully track your emissions by building.


VITALITY helps manage your utility spend, energy use, emissions, and predict maintenance issues before they cost you downtime.

And More...

What is Submetering?

Submetering is a method for utility distribution that involves individually measuring utility use. These methods can be implemented for many different kinds of utility. They are often used for water, gas, and electricity metering purposes. We are capable of installing submeters to measure your utility use or using existing submeters to track the utility use. Submetering is usually considered the fairest method for utility distribution, as it provides specific information regarding where energy is being used.. Unlike other methods, submetering is exceedingly accurate. It isn’t based on any estimates or percentages, but differentiates based on the actual use of energy.

Do You Have Existing Submeters?

It’s okay if your property already has submeters. VITALITY can connect to any kind of existing submeter. We want to help you save money wherever we can, so don’t worry about buying new equipment. Not only can we help you save money on equipment, but our submetering services are an excellent way to increase your revenue, by increasing productivity and lowering the costs of operation.

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