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Automated Managed Utilities

The Central Platform For Utility Data

With VITALITY, you can visualize data from utility data and any IoT device inside your building, whether the data come from Energy Management, Building Automation, or Occupancy Systems. VITALITY can easily import, connect, and visualize your data in a few clicks. Start increasing efficiency and maximizing net operating profit with VITALITY. 

Software Solutions For Managed Utilities

Utility Management

Today, most solar software programs show you only what the inverters are producing, but this is only half the picture.  With Vitality, you can quickly see how your solar system affects your entire facility’s operations and overall efficiency.  

Utility Billiing

Maximize Net Operating Income with Vitality’s Utility Billing Center.  With Vitality, you can quickly and automatically charge your tenants for their energy use through submeter, manual metering, or Ratio Utility Billing (RUBs).  No matter the system you use, Vitality has the utility bill back solution for you.  

Energy Management

We all want to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce energy consumptions and costs, but most of us don’t know where to begin or if what we are doing is working.  With Vitality, you have an enterprise-level energy management platform at your fingertips.  Our energy management apps can help you reduce energy costs, identify building drift, allow you to participate in demand response, or know when peak demand happens.  

Automate your Systems

Vitality’s software helps to provide you with automated processes for your various systems. The Control feature ensures that on and off signals are sent automatically in order to ensure that your systems operate as efficiently as possible. This provides many benefits both in energy conservation and reducing energy expenses.

Centralize Your Data

Eliminated the dozen software programs, web browser tabs, and passwords by integrating all of your building systems into Vitality. Vitality has an open architecture allowing you to import data from virtually any internet-enabled device.  

Reduce your Expenses

Wasting energy is the same as wasting money. With the technology from Vitality, you can ensure that your energy consumption is optimized and you are able to minimize the likelihood of unnecessary energy expenditure.

Eliminate Waste

Easily manage, track, and maximize every piece of data related to your building with Vitality. We all know the amount of waste that our facilities create due to inefficiencies. Vitality helps you identify and maximize the operations of your building.

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