real-time energy management system

Real-Time Energy Management System

It is necessary to gather all of the appropriate data to effectively manage the energy consumption of your business. If you only look at the overall use, you’ll never find the small adjustments that can help save you money over time. Here at Vitality, we have the services necessary to gather this data and implement the best energy management systems possible. Our submetering combined with our real-time energy analytics helps us determine the areas where your facility needs to improve. Our expertise will allow us to accurately analyze and detect the places where your energy efficiency can be optimized.

Real-Time Energy Monitoring

There are many benefits to the use of a real-time energy management system with analytics. These work by constantly updating energy consumption, ensuring that you can catch excessive energy use within moments. Real-time energy management systems help you to decrease energy usage, because it allows you to see the peak demand times of the day. They help keep natural gas production costs down by tracking their consumption and flow rate. Real-time energy analytics help you to save water, because it informs you when and where your water is flowing. Though real-time energy analytics help monitor energy consumption, they can also measure energy production. Real-time energy management systems will help measure the production of any of your renewable energy production methods.

Real-Time Energy Analytics

Real-time energy analytics allow you to stay detail oriented. Our submetering systems help you stay informed, because they show additional data that the main meter can’t provide. This will allow you to see energy consumption in real-time, right as it is being used. Data analytics will help you discover what’s consuming energy in your facility, which will provide you with all of the tools necessary to better manage your energy output. These services are even able to create alarms to alert you to developing problems before they get out of control.