Energy Conservation with Data

How Is Data the Answer to Solving the World's Problems?

Well, it’s not the only answer, but it is a part of it.

Improving environmental conditions are vital these days and data can make it possible for most people to help. Data is the most utilized, the most effective and the most accessible tool in the world, but not everyone knows when they need it, where to find it and how to use it. 

Take energy conservation for instance. Historical data, data based on influentials such as weather, time, population, building conditions, resource disposal, etc., all help to paint the picture of exactly what brought us to having this conversation.

Now, let’s say we analyze that data. We establish the connections that are directly correlated to the emissions issues we face today. Then what do we do with that data? Well, we can make educated decisions to make change, to redirect the course and ensure we are learning from that data. 

How many times do you get home from a long day at work only to realize you left a light on? How often do you let the water run without realizing it? An individual household that does this sort of thing once in a while, it’s just human nature and probably isn’t the root cause of the declining air quality causing everyone asthmatic fits. However, if you imagine that sort of thing happening to a multitude of homes across the world all at once, well, we can safely assume it’s playing a part in it. Take that to a commercial level; airports, warehouses, apartment buildings, universities, business centers. Individually, it’s only common sense to know their energy usages increase on a massive scale. Consider the environmental impact that has across the world. It feels unmeasurable to the average person. has made it their mission to find ways to truly capture that data and use it to make that change. We want to support these commercial level industries by helping to find the right data in order to make the right decisions moving forward. Our software is designed to collect as much information from as little or as many resources as possible. We want to do “our part” in making a difference to ensure a better place for humanity for years to come. We can do that, by providing a service to collect the right data for as many commercialized buildings as possible. 

Let’s say, as an energy manager, a commercial property owner, or even a utility company, you also want to do “your part” and help improve conditions. As a Vitality customer, you can collect that data, then use it to make educated decisions pertaining to your building conditions and then easily narrow it down enough to know what needs to be done to improve those conditions. How do you implement though? Vitality has spent years learning how to make these connections (no pun intended). We can help you. 


 Interested in learning more about our key features such as Heat Maps or Weather Normalization? Want to take advantage of our Advanced Reporting capabilities? Energy Star Automation, ESG Reporting, and Sustainability Reporting are all easy to do with Vitality’s superior data collection. 

Contact to us today with no obligation. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have and, if you’re ready to start making changes, we can get you there from start to finish!


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