How Manual Energy Data Collection Costs you Money


Obtaining the appropriate energy data can provide an array of benefits to your business. Without the proper data, you will be unable to make effective decisions to improve the energy use of your business. In addition, it is important to ensure that you are obtaining accurate information and are able to use the information to make energy-related decisions. Here at Vitality Energy, we strive to provide you with all of the information that you need to both automate the energy data collection for your business and make decisions based on that data. There are many benefits to implementing an automated data collection system for your energy usage and manually collecting the energy data of your business can cost you a significant amount of money. Here are just a few ways that manual energy data collection can cost you money, which also illuminates many of the benefits of automating these processes.

Increased Mistakes

When you take the steps to collect energy data manually, you are also increasing the likelihood of mistakes with your energy data. To make mistakes is human, which means that human data collection will likely be fraught with errors. Not only can it be difficult to accurately collect the energy data, but errors can also occur from simple mistypes when you enter the data. The multiple ways in which mistakes can occur due to human error only increase the likelihood of mistakes with your energy data collection. These mistakes take longer to fix, which can further cost you money. Automating the process can significantly reduce the likelihood of errors with your data.

Time Consuming

Manually collecting energy takes a significant amount of time, especially if it isn’t something that you do on a regular basis. This time could be better spent performing tasks that are more important to the daily operations of your business. By spending your own time or an employee’s time on energy data collection, you are essentially costing your business money, especially because the process will take much longer than if the data collection system is automated.

No Real-Time Updates

Automated data collection is able to provide real-time updates concerning your energy use. Unlike mortgage payments, energy payments can fluctuate based on your usage. This usage can fluctuate depending on your processes, as well as the effectiveness of your equipment. Real-time energy use updates are vital because they can provide you with information regarding anomalies with your energy use as soon as they occur. Without real-time updates, you could have malfunctioning equipment that guzzles energy. You won’t discover this anomaly until you are presented with an incredibly high energy bill, which you will then be required to pay. Automated energy data collection will help you to catch these issues before they can significantly disrupt your energy expenses.

Less Useful Information

Analytics are incredibly useful to provide you with the information that you need to make effective decisions for your energy consumption. When you collect energy data manually, the only information that you obtain are the specific numbers. Automated software can help to automatically detect patterns, abnormalities, and other numbers. This can help to provide you with far more useful information than simply manually collecting the energy data. In addition, inaccurate data will be more damaging than useful.

Failing to Provide Reliable, Relevant Data

As previously mentioned, manually collecting data will result in a significant increase in errors. Manually collecting data will likely provide less accurate, reliable data which will result in much less effective decision making. Automated energy data collection will sort the data into specific analytics, which will also help to ensure that the data is relevant and easily usable. The most effective information will provide the most valuable benefits to your business.

Less Effective Decision Making

The leading reason for energy data collection is to help you make the most effective decisions possible to maximize the efficiency of your energy consumption, as well as minimize your overall energy expenses. However, manual energy data collection can be inaccurate, as well as difficult to sort into useful information. Automated energy data collection provides these functions for you, which can help to ensure that you can obtain the information that you need to make the most effective decisions regarding your business’s energy consumption. When you make ineffective decisions, you may even be making the problem with your energy consumption worse.

Waste of Resources

Manual energy data collection is generally a waste of resources. Not only will you be wasting your time or your employee’s time on gathering the data, but you will be wasting more time when you sort the data into usable components. Additionally, obtaining the mechanisms to track the energy use of individual machines or units can be rather expensive. Simply noting the numbers when you collect your energy data won’t provide you with very much effective information. Automating your energy data collection can help to maximize your resource use, while manually collecting the energy data can simply waste the resources that you have at your disposal.

Implementing Automation

It is much easier to implement an automated energy data collection system than you may otherwise think. A professional company can implement these services easily and effectively. We are capable of implementing energy data automation systems that will provide all of the benefits of effective energy management. These systems can help you to create the most efficient energy system, as well as provide you with the information that you need to make the best decisions for the energy use of your business.

There are many other systems that can help to reduce your energy expenses. From utility bill automation to submetering equipment, we can provide many different ways to save you money and minimize the amount of time you have to spend managing these processes. By switching from manually collecting energy data to automating the process, you can provide a multitude of benefits to your business. To learn more about the services that we offer, as well as how they can benefit your company, contact our experts at Vitality Energy today!

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