Weather Normalization

Easily Normalize Data For True Energy Management

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True Return on Investment​

Weather Normalization helps you save energy by the following:

What is Weather Normalization Good For?

Weather Normalization is good for showing if there is a high correlation between the weather and your energy usage. Knowing this can allow you to make more educated decisions which can help you reduce costs and save energy where you can.
If you have completed any kind of an energy improvement project that you believe should have affected your utility costs, but you just can’t find the savings. Running this report will allow you to see if your current usage is better than your “normalized” usage from previous years.

The Science Behind Our Weather Normalization

Weather normalization is tricky, there are many factors and variables involved in calculating an accurate normalization. Things like building occupancy, working hours, production levels, and many others make normalization of any kind very difficult. Vitality’s Weather Normalization App lets you know if, and how much the weather affects your usage patterns.

80% - 100%

Energy usage is highly dependent on the weather.

60% - 80%

Energy usage is moderately dependent on the weather.

40% - 60%:

There is a relationship between your energy usage patterns and the weather, it's not consistent enough to make any conclusions.

less than 40%

Vitality can't find any significant relationship between usage and the weather patterns.

Let VITALITY Do the Heavy Lifting of Weather Normalization

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