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Sometimes it feels like we are drowning in data. This can be discouraging but there has been great progress recently in tools to help with this data.

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When it comes to energy data, your bills can be a great source, but how do you make that data useful? And what if the bills don’t tell you everything you want to know? This article discusses the challenges and offers some great advice.

We would like to add that Vitality Energy’s system is our solution to your energy data management challenges. Among other things, Vitality can:

  1. Automatically process utility bills and present the data in easily understood dashboard displays.
  2. Compare utility bills to on-site metering for verification (requires sub-meters).
  3. Measure a broad variety of current consumption parameters, report them in easily understood reports and store them for future comparison purposes.
  4. Integrate with Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager.
  5. Integrate with your building automation system.
  6. Provide suggestions for improvements and upgrades you might implement to reduce your energy consumption.

Vitality isn’t the only available system but it certainly offers one of the few complete and comprehensive solutions to energy data collection and analysis. We would love to show you how we can help you with your energy data challenges.


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