The True Value of Smart Building Technology

If you have been considering implementing smart building solutions for your building, it is particularly beneficial to understand the true value that smart building technology provides for both your building and your business. There are multiple ways in which smart buildings can save you money and increase the value of your property. Here are a few considerations to help you understand the true value of smart building technology. 

Increases the Value of the Building

Buildings that have smart systems installed will ultimately be worth much more than buildings that don’t have this technology. Compare it to smartphone technology and their relative value. Smartphones used to be considered a luxury. Now, they are fairly standard for individuals. Most people are willing to pay much higher prices for the benefits that smart phones provide.  You would certainly be willing, and likely will, pay much more for a smartphone than a cellular device without smart capabilities. 

value of smart building technology

The same concept applies to smart buildings. Smart buildings are quickly growing in popularity and ultimately your building is worth what another person would be willing to pay for it. They would be willing to pay more for a building with smart technology, which shows that smart building systems increase the overall value of the building. This makes them a great investment. Additionally, smart buildings are quickly becoming the new standard. This means that soon, buildings without smart building technology will plummet in value.   

Improved Energy Efficiency

The vast majority of a business’s operational expenses come from the energy that their business uses. Smart building systems helps to ensure that your building uses energy in the most efficient manner possible. This goes a long way toward reducing the related expenses of their business, without any reduced quality. At Vitality Energy, we are dedicated to ensuring that your energy works for you, rather than the other way around. Not only is increased energy efficiency better on your wallet, but it is better for the environment.

Prevent Repairs from Arising

Repairs can lead to a multitude of issues. If they are left for an extended amount of time, they simply escalate to more severe problems. The systems that are used in smart buildings help to find issues in the early stages. For example, real time energy monitoring will notify you when an abnormal spike occurs with your energy use. This is often due to malfunctioning equipment. Being notified of these abnormalities can help you to catch issues in the early stages, when they will be less expensive to fix. 

Preventative Maintenance

A smart building will have systems that monitor your operation and provide information regarding preventative maintenance. This can go a long way toward reducing the likelihood of issues arising. In addition, when your building has regular maintenance, it will be less expensive to keep the building in great condition. It can feel overwhelming to try and remember the maintenance schedules for all the different systems that make up your building. If you understand the true value of smart building technology, you know that these preventative maintenance systems can provide you with incredibly beneficial information. 

Maintain a Comfortable Environment

A comfortable environment ultimately means that tenants and employees alike will stay far happier while within the building. The systems in a smart building will help to ensure that your building maintains a far more comfortable environment by regulating the temperature or otherwise improving the environment. It can be particularly beneficial to ensure that the environment is comfortable, because it can reduce tenant and employee turnover rates, which can save you a substantial amount of money. 

Enhance Productivity

Employees that are happier and more comfortable will ultimately be more productive. When your employees are more productive, you make more money. This is just one of the ways in which smart buildings can save you money and enhance the way in which your business operates. 

Show where Improvements Can be Made

In order to effectively implement improved functions for your energy, you need to obtain the data necessary to make the most beneficial decisions. When you have this information, you can substantially improve the functionality and efficiency of your building. When you don’t have the necessary information, it will be far more difficult to make good improvements to your building’s energy consumption and you will have no way of tracking the benefits of any of the methods you try.  

Identify Building Drift Early On

When a building is first made, it works at optimal efficiency. However, over time, wear and tear tends to result in less effective energy consumption. This tends to result in a thing known as “building drift” which is when the building drifts away from its ideal operational state. When you identify building drift in the early stages, you can have the issues resolved as quickly as possible. This will go a long way toward minimizing the costs that can rack up when your building drifts away from optimal efficiency. 

Increased Convenience

Smart building technology provides an enhanced level of convenience. Many of these systems can compile your data in a single location, which makes it far easier to access. They can also automate many of your building’s processes, such as temperature regulation and lighting. This can help you to save money when the building is unoccupied, without having to remember to turn the thermostat off when you leave the building. It can also ensure that the building is comfortable the moment someone walks through the door. 

Smart Security Services

Smart building technology tends to provide more advantages regarding security operations. The more secure your building is, the safer everyone inside will be. This can also go a long way toward ensuring that you only provide access to the building to specific people. Here at Vitality Energy, we offer a broad array of energy-related services to improve the way in which your building functions. Our many systems can be implemented in order to provide a complete smart building system to improve your business. To learn more about the true value of smart building technology, contact our experts at Vitality Energy today!

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