Benefits of Smart Buildings: The Top Ten

Smart buildings are a growing trend for many reasons. Implementing smart technology to your building helps to provide a broad array of benefits. Here at Vitality Energy, we are passionate about ensuring that your energy works for you, rather than the other way around. Through implementing smart building technology, we are able to provide the tools and strategies to improve your energy efficiency and lower your expenses. 

What are Smart Buildings?


Smart buildings are buildings that have been equipped with technology to automate a broad array of functions. Primarily, these buildings use their technology to improve the structure, systems, services, and management of the building. They are quickly becoming the norm, due to the ways in which they benefit the environment and the building’s functionality. Here are 10 of the key benefits of smart buildings. 

1. Enhanced Facility Operation


Buildings with smart technology tend to operate far more efficiently. Not only does this allow for better use of energy, but it also ensures a better outcome. The better the facility operates, the more money you will save. Smart buildings use integrated systems working in conjunction to enhance their overall efficiency. 

2. Effective Building Management


When you don’t monitor the systems of your building, you won’t be able to efficiently manage the building. There are multiple factors that make up the building, including the lighting, heating, cooling, and other systems. With smart building technology, you can see the way in which the systems are functioning, which can help you to provide effective management. This can go a long way toward ensuring that the building is functioning as efficiently as possible.

3. Reduce Expenses


Energy expenses make up a substantial portion of a company’s overhead costs. When you implement smart building technology, you see exactly how your energy is being used. This helps you to create strategies in which you can improve your energy consumption. Many of the techniques that will save you money and reduce your energy expenses won’t even impact the level of comfort within the building! For example, you have no need for heating an unoccupied building. Smart buildings can help to automate the heating and cooling, ensuring that the building is kept at a comfortable temperature when necessary, but saving money when it isn’t necessary. 

4. Improved Occupant Satisfaction


Those who are present inside of the building will feel far more comfortable when the building is equipped with smart technology. For one thing, the building will have the temperature regulated far more comfortably. With manual heating and cooling processes, it will be necessary to adjust the temperature as external elements change. An automated system provides these automatic adjustments, which ensure that the building remains as comfortable as possible. This can help to keep both employees and customers far more satisfied. When they are uncomfortable while they are in the building, they will automatically associate your company with negative emotions. Smart buildings can help to increase the satisfaction and happiness of your employees, which can help to decrease employee turnover. 

5. Predictive Maintenance Expenses


Maintenance expenses can significantly add up, especially when they aren’t planned for. Every system will require occasional maintenance to ensure that it remains in the best possible condition and continues to function effectively. Smart buildings provide predictive maintenance to ensure that you are aware when a system will require maintenance. This allows you to more effectively budget for necessary maintenance, as well as provide the maintenance before it causes damage to the system. 

6. Better for the Environment


Smart buildings reduce wasted energy. This is one of the major benefits of smart buildings. Not only does this minimize your energy expenses, but it is also much better for the environment. When your commercial building doesn’t waste energy, it won’t provide an unnecessary impact on the environment. Upgrading to a smart building helps to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment.

7. Increase the Property Value


benefits of smart buildingsSmart building technology significantly increases the value of the property. Not only do smart buildings save money on energy expenses, but they increase the resale value of the building. These buildings are becoming more standard, so it can be especially beneficial to take the steps to upgrade to a smart building. This technology makes buildings far more appealing, especially to potential tenants. A business will be more likely to rent your property if the smart technology will improve their operation and reduce their energy expenses. 

8. Create a Safer Environment


Another benefits of smart buildings is that they are safer. There are several potential hazards in any environment. Smart buildings often come equipped with superior monitoring capabilities. These capabilities can help to keep the building safe for employees and customers. 

9. Minimize Disruptions


When a system ceases to function effectively, it is very likely that your business will cease to operate. With the appropriate maintenance and tools, you can prevent the systems from breaking down. This will reduce your repair expenses, as well as prevent your company from being unable to operate. With thorough monitoring, you can help to minimize the disruptions that your business experiences. Every moment that your business is unable to function appropriately, you are losing money. 

10. More Information


The more information you have, the more effectively you will be able to manage your energy use. A particularly valuable tool that smart buildings provide is real-time energy monitoring. This monitoring helps to provide you with information about the energy right as it is being used. Often, this allows you to catch anomalies in your energy consumption early on, before it leads to significant energy expenses. Problems with your energy use can quickly become expensive, especially if they aren’t caught before the energy bill arrives. Real-time energy monitoring catches these problems quickly, before they lead to excessive energy costs. 

The energy that your business uses has a substantial impact on your overall expenses. By implementing smart building technology, you can help to manage and control your energy consumption, save money, and implement your money far more effectively. There are even more benefits of smart buildings. To learn more about smart buildings and how they can improve the operations of your business, contact our experts at Vitality Energy today!

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