Tips for Cutting your Heating Costs

Top Tips for Cutting your Heating Costs

If you see your heating costs rising in the winter, it will be beneficial to consider the many ways that can aid in cutting your heating costs. Cutting your heating costs can be done by using building intelligence to automate your systems and ensure that each of your systems operates in conjunction with each other. Building intelligence is one of the best ways that you can go about reducing your heating expenses. If you have come to expect substantial heating bills during the winter, it is time to make a change with your building. Here are some of our top tips for cutting your heating costs.

Leverage the Sun

When you allow sunlight into your property, you will be able to increase the heat that naturally makes its way into your building. Try to keep the curtains open during daylight hours. This will allow more sunlight to enter your building. This natural light will help to heat up the interior of the property. The best part about this step? Sunlight is completely free. This can help to keep your building at a more comfortable temperature, without driving your energy bill up.

Implement Building Intelligence

cutting your heating costs

Building intelligence is one of the ideal steps for cutting your heating costs. Building intelligence helps to keep your HVAC system operating smoothly, which helps to ensure that your building can stay at a comfortable temperature with reduced energy expenses. Building intelligence doesn’t only save you money regarding your heating costs, either. It can help to reduce the likelihood of significant repair expenses and increases the efficiency of many of the systems in your building. Building intelligence also provides you with better energy management, which helps you to make the decisions to improve your efficiency.  

Automated Systems

When you automate your systems, you can ensure that they operate during the hours when people are present in the building. This can prevent costs from occurring because you forgot to turn down the thermostat at the end of the day. By utilizing automated systems, you can ensure that your building remains as comfortable as possible, while your heating costs decrease.

Match Occupancy Patterns

Another way in which building intelligence can help with cutting your heating costs is by matching occupancy patterns with your energy use. By matching occupancy patterns, the building will adjust the temperature depending on the presence of people within the building. This step is extremely beneficial for reducing your overall heating costs because you won’t be wasting energy by keeping the building heated when no one is present.

Qualify for Energy Rebates

The use of building intelligence often helps you to make the improvements to your building that will enable you to qualify for energy rebates. Qualifying for energy rebates will help you to save money and offset the expenses that may occur as a result of upgrading your building. This can help to reduce your overall costs, as well.

Streamline Operations

Building intelligences enables all of your systems to work in conjunction with each other. This helps to streamline your operations. When your operations work as efficiently as possible, you will be able to reduce the amount of energy that is used to operate them. This can help to reduce your overall expenses and save you a substantial amount of money.

Replace Old Furnaces

When your furnace is allowed to grow old, it will cease to operate as effectively as it otherwise might. If you notice an increase in your energy expenses, it may be time to consider replacing your old furnace. By replacing this furnace, you can help to ensure that the furnace operates far more efficiently. Not only can this create a more comfortable environment, but it can reduce repair costs and ensure that the furnace operates more efficiently.

Add Insulation

An insulated building will be able to keep energy within the building more efficiently. When you prevent the escape of energy, you can prevent this energy loss from causing you to use more energy to create a comfortable environment. Increased insulation can substantially help to reduce your energy expenses and keep your building warm throughout the winter months.

Turn Down Thermostat When you Leave the Office

You don’t need your office to be heated when no one is in the building. Ensure that you turn down the thermostat whenever you leave the office to cut your heating costs. Automated systems can help to ensure that this occurs automatically, which can prevent you from losing money due to forgetfulness. This is just one of the major benefits that you can obtain through building intelligence.

Change Furnace Filters

When furnace filters become too dirty, it will be more difficult for air to effectively make its way through the surface. By changing your furnace filters on a regular basis, you can help to ensure that the furnace continues to operate more efficiently. Not only will this help reduce your energy expenses, but it will also help to reduce damage that can otherwise impact your furnace. This is an important maintenance step to keep your furnace in good condition.

Reverse Ceiling Fans

When the temperatures drop, it is useful to reverse the ceiling fans throughout the building. This will help to create a far more comfortable environment within the property. By reversing ceiling fans, you can help to push heat down into the room, rather than circulating cold air throughout the building.

There are many things that you can implement to your building to aid in cutting your heating costs. When you improve the building intelligence of your building, you can often reduce your utility expenses by a substantial amount. This doesn’t only help with cutting your heating expenses, but it also reduces your overall energy expenses year round. Our team at Vitality can help you to make the right upgrades to your building to obtain all of the benefits that energy efficiency has to offer. To learn more about the best steps for cutting your heating costs, contact us at Vitality today!

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