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Vitality is a one-stop shop for providing all of the IoT data integrations that you need for a comprehensive, Vitality-driven smart building!

What Is Vitality

Smart buildings today involve an array of data sources, including Building Automation Systems, Energy Management Systems, Weather Data and Security.  Our all-in-one platform is able to centralize all of this data into one easy to use solution.  Vitality is the smart choice for all of your smart building requirements.

The Platform

With every new IoT device comes another website, username and password.  It can be overwhelming to manage all of these systems independently. Wouldn’t it be simpler to condense all these systems into one connected platform? Our solution allows you to connect to your existing devices or new devices to ensure that it is the only platform that you need.


There is a growing demand for smart buildings for good reason! Our smart building software helps to meet many different requirements. Energy management processes are simplified by a substantial amount with smart building technology. Automation is yet another benefit of our services. Our integrated platform is the ideal solution to meet your needs.

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