How Building Intelligence Saves Energy

Why Should I Learn About How Building Intelligence Saves Energy?

There are many ways in which building intelligence saves energy. Understanding these benefits can go a long way toward allowing you to make the superior energy-related decisions for your building. When you save energy, you help to eliminate a large portion of your overall expenses. Building intelligence saves energy in many different ways, aside from simply improving the energy efficiency of your building. Our team at Vitality Energy can help to ensure that your building implements the appropriate solutions to optimize the building and improve your company. 

How Building Intelligence Saves Energy

building intelligence saves money

There are several ways in which building intelligence saves energy. For one thing, it ensures that you have the data that is necessary in making good decisions for your energy management. It can also ensure that your building is in good condition and that your systems operate only as they need to. Building intelligence can help to detect problems early on, before they are allowed to accelerate to a much larger degree. Implementing the appropriate solutions to your building can substantially aid in reducing your energy expenditure and the resulting costs.

Provides the Necessary Information

Having enough information is critical in ensuring that you implement the best energy management strategies. Without this step, it is impossible to ensure that your energy management solutions are effective. By implementing building intelligence with Vitality, you can ensure that your data is collected and can be accessed from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. This can help to ensure that you understand the various components of your energy consumption, which enables you to make the best possible decisions. It is crucial to gather data in an easily understandable manner in order to make superior decisions.

Optimize System Performance

The performance of the various systems of your building will have a huge impact on the energy that they consume. When you ensure that they are operating at peak performance, you can ensure that they are providing the same level of comfort with as minimal energy expenditure as possible. This often goes a long way toward eliminating problems and creating the ideal environment. When a system operates efficiently, it won’t require quite as much energy to function. This often helps to reduce your energy expenditure and saves you money over the long term.

Reduce Operating Expenses

For many businesses, the energy bill is one of the largest expenses. When you reduce your energy bill, you can provide a substantial increase to your profit margin. Building intelligence can often help to reduce your operating expenses. It is easy to assume that your operating expenses are set and non-negotiable. In these cases, they assume that the only way to increase their profit margin is be bringing in more income. However, operating expenses can often be reduced through the implementation of building intelligence. By ensuring that you manage your energy as efficiently as possible, you can substantially reduce your energy bill and increase your profit margin.

Preventative Maintenance

Any system requires regular maintenance in order to ensure that it continues to operate as it is supposed to. When maintenance falls to the wayside, it is common for these systems to begin using more energy than is required in order to stay in good condition. Building intelligence creates alerts and notifications regarding the preventative maintenance of the systems. This can help to reduce the likelihood of problems that will require repairs. Preventative maintenance ensures that your systems continue to operate well and function efficiently, which can reduce the amount of energy the systems use.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection is an important aspect that building intelligence is able to provide. This service helps to ensure that you are notified immediately when there is an anomaly with the energy expenditure of your building. These anomalies generally occur when there is an issue with your equipment that can lead to substantial problems. By being detected in the early stages, you can ensure that the appropriate repairs are made to the system. When you aren’t aware of anomalies in the early stages, you will often be saddled with an exponential energy bill. Anomaly detection is an important method for protecting the energy consumption of your building.

Smart Systems

Building intelligence results in your various systems working in an integrated manner in order to improve the comfort of your building. For example, a smart lighting system will often adjust throughout the day, depending on the needs of the company. If there is no one in the building, it won’t need to be lit. In addition, the amount of lighting that is necessary will depend on external factors, like how much sunlight makes it through the windows. Smart HVAC systems can also save a substantial amount of energy because they will only work as hard as necessary to regulate the temperature within the building.

Increased Energy Efficiency

The various systems of your building will operate far more efficiently in a building with intelligence. This can help to reduce your overall energy expenses, without requiring a reduction in the level of comfort within your building. By ensuring that your systems operate efficiently, you can save a substantial amount of energy. This goes a long way toward reducing your operating expenses, which can eliminate a substantial number of problems. Not only can building intelligence save energy, but it can also increase the level of comfort within your building.

Building intelligence saves energy in many different ways. It can ensure that you are better able to manage your energy, which often helps to lower your related energy expenses. In addition to this, building intelligence helps to ensure that your systems continue to operate efficiently and as they are supposed to. Our expert team at Vitality Energy can help to ensure that your building can obtain the appropriate modifications to have building intelligence. This can be extraordinarily beneficial in reducing the amount of energy that your building has to use, without sacrificing its comfort. To learn more about how building intelligence saves energy, contact us at Vitality Energy today!

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