The Costs of Not Using Building Intelligence

The Costs of Not Using Building Intelligence

Building intelligence can provide an array of advantages to your operations. While it is useful to understand these advantages, it is equally important to be aware of how you are hurting your operations by not implementing building intelligence. Not using building intelligence can prevent you from being notified when there are problems with your operations, allow your building to be vulnerable, and make it more complicated to maintain an organized system. When you work with our experts at Vitality, you can optimize your use of building intelligence to prevent these problems from impacting your operations. Here are a few of the costs of not using building intelligence for your operations.

Delayed Anomaly Detection

When you utilize building intelligence, you will receive fast anomaly detection. This enables you to be alerted quickly whenever there is an unexpected increase in your energy consumption. By obtaining fast alerts, you will be able to react quickly to minimize the impact of the initial problem. Without building intelligence, your anomaly detection will be lacking at best. This can allow serious problems with your operations to remain for an extended period of time. The longer the issue is allowed to remain, the more damage it will be able to create. With faster anomaly detection, you can resolve issues quickly and easily before they are allowed to escalate to larger proportions.

Higher Energy Expenses

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Without effective energy management, it is a given that your energy expenses will increase. By working with the team at Vitality, you can implement the right building intelligence systems to effectively manage your energy use. Building intelligence enables you to monitor your energy use far more effectively, which provides you with the necessary tools to reduce your energy expenses. This is an essential component for large facilities, because even small changes can cost an extreme amount of money. By ensuring that you have the necessary tools to effectively manage your energy consumption, you can reduce your energy expenses and increase your profits.

Vulnerable Buildings

Using building intelligence enables you to bridge gaps in your existing security system, both for the physical building and your operations. Not using building intelligence often allows your building to remain vulnerable. This can easily spell disaster for your business, especially when it comes to your important data. By utilizing our services, you can help to minimize this vulnerability and protect your building, as well as your business.

Difficult Organization

It is common to use multiple programs to monitor your data and energy consumption. This makes it easier to lose important information and increases the difficulty of finding the data that you need. In addition, this often results in a substantial amount of wasted time as you have to regularly transition between systems to find your data. Without the Vitality platform, it is likely that it will be far more difficult to maintain an organized and efficient system for your energy management. Our platform enables you to gather all of your data under a centralized umbrella, which allows you to streamline your organization and increase your efficiency.

Ineffective Operations

Building intelligence helps to enhance your operations. Unfortunately, the alternative is also true. Not taking advantage of building intelligence will detract from your operations and will make it more difficult to manage your energy consumption effectively. By implementing building intelligence, you will be able to improve your operations and mitigate the problems that can influence your energy management strategies. When you are able to gain all of the information that building intelligence has to offer, you will be in a better position to make better decisions for your energy use.  

Building intelligence is quickly becoming an essential aspect of managing your energy use. This is especially true when you are responsible for managing the operations of multiple buildings or facilities. With our services, you can streamline your energy management and prevent these substantial costs from impacting your operations. The centralized Vitality dashboard allows you to implement better organization and visualize your data more effectively. To learn more about the costs of not using building intelligence or the advantages of our platform, contact us at Vitality today!

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