Twelve Advantages of Building Intelligence

The Advantages of Building Intelligence

Energy managers tend to have a great deal of work on their plate. This can make it difficult and time-consuming to optimize their facility’s operations. Building intelligence enables you to simplify this process, while gathering your data into a centralized location. Our Vitality platform helps you to utilize building intelligence effectively, which enables you to provide all of these benefits for your own operations. Here are twelve of the advantages of building intelligence that can help you to make the right decision to optimize your processes.

1. Real Time Data

Building intelligence helps you to obtain real time updates regarding your building’s operations. Real time data allows you to act quickly and make decisions with as much available information as possible. By ensuring you have access to real time updates, you can minimize problems with your operations quickly and effectively. These updates help to ensure that you can improve performance and optimize productivity. Your business moves quickly. Access to real time data helps you to ensure that you can make decisions and adjustments with the speed that your business demands.

Another advantage of real time data is that it allows your business to operate with improved agility. This helps you come closer to achieving the specific tactical and strategic goals of your business. Furthermore, real time data helps you to identify and resolve operational issues immediately, before they are allowed to have a substantial impact on your business. When you use building intelligence, you will be able to ensure that you can access real time data to improve your operations.

2. Visualization of Information

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Building intelligence helps to facilitate the visualization of information. With the sheer amount of data that you have to contend with, effective visualization can help you to analyze data far more efficiently. Data visualization can also be beneficial when you have to communicate your information to other parties that are likely less familiar with reading data reports. The human brain tends to grasp visualized data more easily than other formats, which can help to prevent miscommunication and enable you to convey your message.

Data visualization also helps you to identify patterns and trends that are present in your data. This is another advantage of building intelligence that will help you to make better decisions for your operations. By transforming your data into a visual format, you will be able to make better use of the information that you have available.

3. Turn your Data into Actionable Intelligence

Data by itself is just that: data. With the use of building intelligence, you will be better positioned to turn your data into actionable intelligence. Not only does building intelligence help you to visualize your data and receive real time updates, but it also allows you to organize all of your data into a centralized location. Having all of your data available directly in front of you helps you to make decisions regarding the best course of action in all kinds of situations.

4. Organize in a Centralized Location

One of the major complaints we hear from energy managers is the necessity of using multiple spreadsheets or platforms to keep their data organized. With our Vitality platform, you can organize all of your data in a centralized location. This makes it much easier to compare data, as well as find the important information that you are searching for. The absence of centralized organization results in an array of problems for your data operations. It makes it easier to lose data, as well as extends the amount of time that you will have to spend searching for critical information. By keeping all of your data under a single umbrella, you will be able to make your process more efficient.

5. Effective Regulation of Resources

Resources tend to impose limits on your business. While exact limitations will differ between businesses, it is important that you are able to regulate your resources effectively. Building intelligence helps you to regulate your resources more effectively, because it will help you to gather essential information regarding the distribution of these resources. For example, the visualization of your information will enable you to monitor trends with your energy consumption. This helps you to make informed decisions regarding the allocation of your resources. 

6. Be Better Informed

Information is power, especially when the information pertains to the literal power use of your company. Building intelligence helps provide essential data insights into the way that you use energy. By staying better informed, you will be able to make much better decisions for your energy management. The use of building intelligence also helps to provide you with valuable data analytics, which helps you to gain a better understanding of the information that you have available.

7. Faster Reactions

Businesses move quickly. Industry standards can adjust with little warning and your business will be forced to adapt with it. When there are serious delays in this adaptation, your business will likely lose an extensive amount of money. Building intelligence provides you with the flexibility that you need to react quickly to change. This often aids in enhancing your operations and mitigating any detrimental changes to your business. Gaining the appropriate information to help you react more quickly can save your business a huge amount of money in many varying circumstances.

8. Reduce Energy Expenses

One of the major advantages of building intelligence is that it helps you reduce energy expenses. The comprehensive information available through the use of building intelligence helps you to monitor your energy processes and gain a deeper understanding of your operations. This enables you to make effective adjustments to reduce your energy expenditure. Furthermore, this data helps to ensure that you are able to monitor the impact that changes have had on your operations. This allows you to ensure that your changes are actually making a difference with your energy use. Reducing energy expenses can be a step that adds up to substantial savings, especially when building intelligence is implemented across multiple buildings.

9. Take Advantage of IoT

The Internet of Things is quickly dominating in energy management processes. IoT enables the various systems of your buildings to work in tandem with each other in order to ensure the most efficient operations. Building intelligence helps you to make the best use of IoT. IoT helps to provide easier access, while simultaneously increasing the speed at which your systems can operate. It can alert you regarding data breaches, as well as provide you with the capacity to adapt to new standards more easily. By using building intelligence, you can gain all of the benefits that IoT provides.  

10. Give your Data Meaning

The various processes that are used in building intelligence helps you to organize your data into meaningful clusters. For example, you may choose to organize the information regarding a specific building in a single location or the data for the use of the HVAC systems in each of your buildings. The customizable nature of our platform helps you to organize your data in whatever strategy makes the most sense for your particular business and operations. By having building intelligence installed to your buildings, you will be able to give your data meaning and analyze it more effectively.

11. Ensure you can Find what Matters

If you manage multiple facilities, you likely are required to sift through a substantial amount of information. This can make it difficult to locate specific data when you need it. With building intelligence, you will be able to more easily find the information that you need, when you need it. This can help to prevent problems with your operations, as well as ensure that you have as much information as possible. Additionally, our Vitality dashboard is customizable, which can help to ensure that you keep the information that is most important to your business at the forefront. By customizing your dashboard, you can ensure that your Vitality platform works most effectively for your specific business, especially if you manage the operations of multiple facilities.

12. Generate Reports

Our Vitality platform enables you to generate customized reports regarding your data and analytics. There are several advantages that this report generation can provide. For example, the customization helps to ensure that you can generate the reports that will ultimately be most effective for your business. Report generation can also enable you to enhance collaboration between multiple parties. When you need to communicate essential information to other individuals, the appropriate report generation can help to provide you with the tools you need to convey this data more effectively.

These twelve advantages of building intelligence are just twelve of the reasons to consider implementing building intelligence to your own facility. By working with our experts at Vitality, you can receive superior guidance to help you make the right adjustments to your own energy processes. To learn more about the advantages of building intelligence or how to utilize our platform for your energy operations, consult with us at Vitality today!

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