A Better Approach to Monitoring your Energy Analytics

A Better Approach to Monitoring your Energy Analytics

A traditional approach to monitoring your energy analytics tends to take up a great deal of time and wasted energy. As technology evolves, it is time to implement a better approach to monitoring your energy analytics. We can help you to shift your approach from manual monitoring to utilizing a centralized dashboard. This will help you to stay more organized, as well as minimize potential errors that can impact your operations. Here are a few of the reasons why our approach is the best approach to monitoring your energy analytics.

Manual Monitoring

Before the Vitality platform provided a better approach for energy analytics, manual monitoring on spreadsheets tended to be the most common strategy. This approach takes a substantial amount of time, especially when you have to switch between your data and the spreadsheet and manually enter all of your data. In addition to this, manual monitoring of your energy use tends to substantially increase the chance of errors occurring. An error can occur with your calculations or even as you input the data into the spreadsheet. By switching to monitoring energy analytics through our platform, you can simplify your approach and eliminate these problems. The days of manual monitoring are behind you, its time for a better approach to monitoring your energy analytics.  

Use a Centralized Dashboard

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One of the major advantages that the Vitality platform provides is a centralized dashboard where you can house all of your data and energy analytics. This centralized platform helps you to simplify your processes, because all of your information will be gathered under a single umbrella. This makes it easier to visualize your analytics and turn the data that you have into actionable information. Ultimately, by transitioning your energy analytics into a centralized dashboard, you are able to simplify your processes and increase the value of your analytics. A centralized dashboard is also a far more efficient strategy for your data monitoring, as well.  

Organize Effectively

Utilizing the Vitality platform enables you to organize your data more effectively. The customizable dashboard provides you with the flexibility to organize your data in the most efficient manner for your own operations. For example, you may choose to organize the data by building, by machine, or in some other format. The right organization will depend on the way your business operates. With this effective organization, you can ensure that your data is automatically collected in a more actionable format.

Prevent Errors

By automating your energy analytics through the Vitality dashboard, you can prevent errors from impacting your data collection and analysis. Reducing errors can help you to save money on your operations, as well as prevent human error from creating energy waste. By improving your approach to energy analytics, you can ensure that your energy management strategies work effectively for you. Even a small mistake with your analytics can lead to a huge loss of money. By switching to a system that reduces the chances of errors, you can mitigate risk and provide protection for your operations.

Run your Operations Efficiently

With more information about your energy consumption, you will be able to make choices to run your operations more efficiently. This often results in a substantial amount of saved money on energy expenses. The more efficient your operations are, the more effectively your energy is being used. With great energy analytics, you will be able to ensure that your facility is operating as effectively as possible. This approach also ensures that you will have access to the data that is necessary to make the best possible decisions.

Our platform helps to provide you with a better approach to monitoring your energy analytics. The Vitality platform was created specifically to meet the growing demand of energy management for businesses, especially when they have to manage the operations of multiple facilities. With our help, you can ensure that you are taking a better approach to the monitoring of your energy analytics. This will bring your energy analytics to the next level. To learn more about the benefits of the Vitality platform and how we can help you effectively use your energy analytics, contact us at Vitality today!

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