Using Building Intelligence to Improve Energy Analytics

Using Building Intelligence to Improve Energy Analytics

One of the major advantages of utilizing building intelligence for your buildings is the capacity to improve your energy analytics. When you use building intelligence, you will be able to gain access to comprehensive data that is easily organized in Vitality’s customizable dashboard. Our expert team at Vitality can provide an array of services to help you streamline your energy analytics and make the most of your processes. Our platform is designed to gather your important data in a centralized location, as well as make it easier to generate essential reports with this information. Here are a few of the ways in which building intelligence can be used to improve energy analytics.

Powerful, Organized Analytics

With the appropriate building intelligence, you will gain access to powerful analytics, as well as the capacity to easily organize these analytics into an actionable format. The superior organization of the Vitality platform helps you to keep information gathered in the most efficient groups, which can further improve the efficiency of your processes. Increasing the amount of information that you have available will ensure that you can make the best decisions for your own operations.  

Comprehensive Data

building intelligence

Building intelligence effectively gathers and organizes data into an actionable format. Whether you need charts, detailed reports, or other information, building intelligence can ensure that you can access this information easily. With real-time data detection, you will even be able to ensure that you are notified immediately whenever there is an anomaly with your normal energy use. This helps you to make repairs and modifications early on, which aids in mitigating the total extent of the damage to your business.

Keep Information in a Centralized Location

In the past, it was necessary to track all of your different information on a spreadsheet, after gathering it from all different sources. Building intelligence helps you to keep your information in a centralized location, which prevents you from having to access multiple sources for your data. This also makes it much easier to keep your data organized in the ideal way to meet the needs of your business.

Energy Analytics Across Buildings

If you manage multiple properties, you are well aware of the difficulty of collecting and separating this extensive information. The Vitality platform helps you to utilize energy analytics across multiple buildings, which can greatly simplify your process. This helps you to get a better idea of the overall picture of your energy consumption across buildings or sources. It also enables you to organize this data based on the groupings that will be most efficient to meet your needs.

Automate your Processes

Building intelligence often allows you to automate many of your processes. This enables you to free up your time on other matters of your energy management and business operations. By automating your processes, you can also save a substantial amount of energy that your building would otherwise consume.

Enhance your Efficiency

Enhancing your efficiency even just a small amount can add up to incredible savings across your business. With building intelligence, you will gain access to the tools and information that are necessary to help you enhance the efficiency of your operations. The powerful energy analytics provided through building intelligence helps you to make the most of your processes and operate your business as effectively as possible.

Customizable Dashboard

Accessing information is not all that you need for efficient, useful energy analytics. The customizable dashboard from Vitality enables you to ensure that you have easiest access to the data that you need most often. This helps you to access the most important information as quickly as possible, which enables you to enhance your operations. The customizable dashboard is created to help the platform work as hard for your specific business as possible.

With the use of building intelligence, you can greatly enhance the energy analytics of your business’s operations. This aids in streamlining your processes and enhancing the energy efficiency of your business. When you work with our experts at Vitality, you can put the best solutions in place to take control of your business’s energy consumption. Contact us at Vitality for more information about the many ways in which building intelligence serves to improve energy analytics.

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