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Why do I need Custom Analytics?

While custom analytics is just one component of building intelligence, there are a great many benefits that you can obtain through the use of custom analytics. Ultimately, in order to effectively manage your energy consumption, you need to have thorough data. Our Vitality Platform helps you to take full advantage of the use of custom analytics to improve your building, business, and operations. Building intelligence can greatly improve the comfort of your building, but custom analytics can enable you to make the best decisions for your property. Here are a few of the things that you need to know about the custom analytics from building intelligence.

Importance of Information

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In order to effectively manage your energy, you will be able to effectively monitor the use of your energy. Without the relevant information, you will simply be blindly making guesses as to what may improve your energy management and consumption. It is important to place the appropriate systems in place to help you gather this data. Custom analytics will identify the type of information that you need to gather to make ideal decisions for your building.

Lower your Expenses

When you have the data that analytics provides, you will be able to take steps to reduce your expenses. This can go a long way toward allowing you to save money, especially regarding your energy use and especially over time. By taking advantage of analytics, you will be able to modify your practices to optimize your results. This can be exceptionally beneficial in improving your profit margins.

Make Better Decisions

The more information you have available, the better decisions you will be able to make. Data, statistics, and analytics help you to make informed projections about the impact of your decisions. When you implement these strategies, they will likely be far more effective than a strategy that is based completely on a guess. Analytics takes the guess work out of your decision-making process.

Grow your Business

When you are able to make better decisions for your building and lower your expenses, your business will have much more room to grow. By reducing your operating costs, you free up resources to use in other parts of your company. This often enables you to grow your business and increase your overall profits and income.

Improve Performance

Analytics allow you to improve performance in many different ways. You can operate far more efficiently and, often, effectively. This improved performance can help you to keep your employees and customers far happier and more comfortable. This is just one of the major benefits of custom analytics.

Preventative Maintenance

Analytics help to monitor the maintenance that your building requires. When you provide regular maintenance to your building, you will be able to prevent substantial repairs from becoming necessary. This often helps you to keep your building in good condition, while simultaneously minimizing your expenses. Preventative maintenance can help to keep your building in good condition for an extended period of time.

Anomaly Detection

Anomalies can quickly wreak havoc on your energy bill. When your equipment is malfunctioning in some way, it is extremely important to be notified early on. This can help to ensure that you can address the problem before it leads to extremely high energy bills. The data that you gather can help to identify an anomaly detection when it occurs. When you know what your data consumption should look like without an anomaly, you will be able to more easily detect these anomalies when they arise.

Organized, Central Location

Custom analytics ensures that all of your information is gathered in a convenient location. It helps to keep all of this data organized and ensure that it is easy to read. By gathering all of your information in a single location, you can ensure that you operate far more effectively. This can help to prevent an accidental loss of information. The easily readable format also helps to ensure that you can make the most effective use of the data that you have collected.

Custom Analytics to Meet your Needs

No two buildings are exactly the same and no two businesses will have exactly the same needs. Custom analytics are intentionally customized to provide you with the information that will most benefit your specific business. The customized platform ensures that your dashboard is organized to be the most efficient solution for your building. This customization is a crucial part in ensuring that your analytics are effective and beneficial for your business.

Optimize your Processes

The data that you can collect with a custom analytics platform helps you to identify how efficiently your processes are working. When you can identify where you can improve, you will be able to ensure that your operations are far more efficient and streamlined. This also helps you to more effectively measure your progress and the benefits that your various strategies have provided. When you optimize your processes, you will be able to save money and ensure that your business is performing as efficiently as possible.

Easy Graph Creation

Though it is important that you are able to read your information, it may also be important to be able to share this information with other people. Our platform allows you to easily create graphs that can be understood easily by others. This can be particularly beneficial when you have to consult with other people in order to make decisions and improvements to your business. Without easy graph creation, it will often be far more difficult to get your point across when you are looking for input from your colleagues.

Building intelligence improves your building in a large variety of ways. The custom analytics alone can be an essential component of improving your building. Our team at Vitality Energy can help you to make the best use of your custom analytics in order to obtain these benefits for your building. To learn more about our platform, the custom analytics that it provides, and the benefits that you can obtain, contact us at Vitality Energy today!

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