Utah National Guard: Knowing Their Energy

The Utah National Guard (UNG), began their metering efforts by trying to meet a mandate of the State to have every buildings of 3000 sq/ft, or larger, metered at every major utility point for that building. Summa Energy Solutions was hired to oversee the project, and its first phase of implementation. The UNG is very large, and has several buildings all across the state. The first phase was performed at Camp Williams, in Bluffdale, Utah.

Initial Phase

Summa initially visited several buildings on the Camp Williams Campus, and designed the entire thing from beginning to end. The metering locations needed to be identified, and construction drawings needed to be created. Once the beginning steps had been taken, the project was able to get in full Energy-goals.jpgswing. Camp Williams, for most of their buildings, only have Power, Water, and Gas in the way of utilities. All of these points had new meters installed, and in a few cases existing meters were able to be used, they just needed to be recommissioned. After all of the installations were completed, Summa commissioned and programed the entire thing to bring it together and verify the data being reported was correct and being logged.

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Future Needs

The design has already been completed for the other UNG locations around the state. The first phase was one of many, and UNG is moving quickly to meet the requirements of the state mandate. Both the Federal Government and the State Government are pushing hard to get every building metered at every major utility. This is an extremely important development, as it validates the essential nature of utah-national-guard-howitzer.jpgmetering itself in the quest to save money on energy. For an organization like the UNG, it makes even more sense, due to the images of efficiency and effectiveness that come to mind when thinking of the military. It is a great opportunity for Summa to help the UNG with their metering needs. The UNG can now, at any moment, see the Power, gallons of Water, and Cubic Feet of Gas that they are consuming at any time, day or night. There are many activities going on at all hours of the day for The UNG, and being able to analyze their Energy Data and make decisions based on that analysis is something they really need.

At the Forefront

The Utah National Guard is another fantastic example of what can be accomplished with metering and energy management when you have the desire to do it, and the right people to help you along the way. Not many organizations throughout the country can boast of the same Metering Profile that the Utah National Guard can, and it is absolutely fitting that such an organization is at the forefront of such an important, and growing endeavor. Looking to their example and patterning your energy management projects after them is a great path to take in getting to your goals.

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