The Benchmark Report

As the new year begins, it is time to start thinking about how your energy management solutions have been performing compared to previous years. Our advanced software provides you with the ability to easily compile a benchmark report. This report provides vital information that allows you to compare your energy use with that of previous years. This can go a long way toward providing you with the information that you need to optimize the operations of your business. These reports are an incredibly useful way to see what is working with your energy-efficient solutions and conservation strategies. It can also show you precisely where your energy consumption needs a little work. This involves a significant amount of data that can be relatively difficult to analyze and complex to understand.

Fortunately, Vitality’s software allows you to compile and compare all of the data you need, and the process is easier than ever. With just three clicks, you can have a report ready to ensure that you and your employees have the necessary information to simplify your processes and maximize your profits. Not only is it easy to obtain the report, but it is similarly easy to understand exactly what the data is telling you. The days of carefully examining figures and amounts are over; Vitality’s software can provide you with easily understandable graphs that paint a picture of your energy processes.

What is a Benchmark Report?

A benchmark report is generally used to measure the total figures of energy performance over time, rather than at one specific period. This allows a company to analyze what is working with their energy processes and where their energy management could use some improvement. These reports are frequently used to compare the data regarding energy consumption for the year with the previous two years in order to provide the most effective analysis of the company’s energy consumption. In some cases, benchmark reports may be required to provide proof regarding energy-efficient improvements or other specific situations. Compiling the data for a benchmark report can be incredibly difficult, but Vitality’s software provides you with an easier, more effective solution.

Why You Need a Benchmark Report

Energy management is done most effectively when you have adequate data to implement new energy-efficient strategies. However, when monitored on a day to day basis, it can be difficult to detect trends and potential issues with your energy consumption. A benchmark report provides a broad perspective regarding your energy use, benchmark reportwhich allows you to easily analyze trends and detect issues. This will also provide you with valuable information to prove whether the company has used more or less energy from year to year. This aids in effective planning, as it will enable you to plan based on more accurate information. A benchmark report is an extremely beneficial tool that can go a long way toward enhancing your energy management strategies. This information can be especially useful when you begin implementing long term strategies for energy conservation.

Difficulties with Compiling an Accurate Report

A benchmark report involves extremely large quantities of data. Though this can fluctuate depending on the specifics of the benchmark report, such as whether you need data for the entire company or for a specific building, it tends to be rather difficult to organize such large quantities of data. In addition, data can be difficult to locate for previous years, especially if they are stored in separate locations. It is likely that the data has not received much attention after the year has passed, which can make it very difficult to locate.

Not only can it be frustrating to compile the data, but it can be additionally time-consuming to compare large amounts of data. This approach also leaves room for mistakes with calculations and other difficulties. Manual data collection and analysis can actually cost you a significant amount of money in both time and potential mistakes. You likely already have an incredibly busy schedule. You simply don’t have the time to invest in gathering and analyzing so much data, even though it is vital to understanding your company’s energy consumption. Fortunately, our software can eliminate these concerns and ensure that your benchmark report is completed as easily as possible.

There’s a Better Way

You may not have the time to manually search for the information that you need to compile a benchmark report. However, you can probably fit three clicks into your busy schedule. That’s all it takes to generate a benchmark report with Vitality’s software. All you have to do is choose the device, register, and benchmark year. The software is then able to compare totalizer registers annual usage for three years to a set percent increase. The report will allow you to see whether your company has used more or less energy from year to year with the aid of a smart graph. It’s really as simple as that. Energy management solutions have never been so easy as they are with the help of Vitality’s comprehensive software.

Optimize your Processes with Vitality

Chances are that you have enough on your plate with running your business without having to worry about generating reports, capturing data, and manually monitoring your energy use. Vitality’s software can help to save you significant amounts of time, stress, and energy while allowing you to easily optimize the operation expenses of your company. Here at Vitality Energy, we are proud to offer a better way to complete energy management solutions. Our software is secure, reliable, and easy to use. It provides you with control over the organization of the data, as well as information to help you run your business more efficiently.

When you contemplate energy management, it may seem incredibly complex and difficult to accomplish. Fortunately, with the use of Vitality’s superior platform, this is far from the case. Our software can help to simplify your processes, while simultaneously increasing your total profits. Contact our experts at Vitality Energy today to learn more about how benchmark reports work and how our system can help you to generate them.

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