Introducing Multifamily Remote HVAC Control

You may think you have to live with high utility bills in your affordable multifamily units or “all bills paid” properties. You may think high bills are just a cost of doing business, but you DO have an option to keep utility expenses under control, and that option can save you up to 20% on your utility expenses.

Not recovering utilities from residents obviously results in higher operational costs, lower NOI, and lower property valuations than comparable properties with recovery programs. “All Bills Paid” and affordable properties can have a lot of energy waste because residents have no incentive for managing usage.

Our new Control Center electricity program provides a smart thermostat in each unit to allow property owners and managers to remotely control temperatures inside each unit. The smart software allows authorized users to account for the direction the unit faces, seasonal temperatures, and other factors to create a comfortable, yet efficient, utility management program.

This program helps owners keep unrecoverable utility expenses reasonable, reduce utility expenses by as much as 20% overall, and assists in community conservation efforts important for properties with green loans.

Owners participating in this program can:

  • Receive detailed data about usage levels in their communities to drive informed decisions.
  • Prevent utility waste.
  • Lower the total cost of electricity for the community.
  • Reduce common area cost.
  • Enhance grid reliability during high demand times.
  • Reduce community carbon footprint.

Typical electricity control events you can manage are:

  • Reduce heat or A/C usage during peak demand.
  • Maintain thermostat no higher than 85 degrees in summer.
  • Maintain thermostat no lower than 65 degrees in winter.
  • Weekday times only, not weekends or holidays.
  • Adjustments occur no more than three times per week.
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