Energy Star Portfolio Manager Automation

Energy Star Benchmarking Made Easy

VITALITY offers complete two-way sync from the VITALITY platform to Energy Star’s EPA Portfolio Manager. This allows users to completely eliminate the need for data entry into Energy Star. Simply connect your utility bills to VITALITY and connect VITALITY to Energy Star. Sit back, relax, and let VITALITY benchmark for you.

EPA Energy Star Portfolio Manager Software

About Energy Star Portfolio Manager

Identifying your Energy Star Rating can help you to gauge how well you are currently managing your building’s energy consumption. The Energy Star Portfolio Manager allows you to benchmark your building against other buildings in the same category as your own. You will then be provided with a rating from 0 to 100. Though this information is incredibly useful, and often mandatory for government buildings, it requires manual entering of your data each and every month.

Automating with VITALITY

Fortunately, VITALITY has the solution for you! Don’t spend your valuable time entering your data every month. Vitality is able to automate the process to ensure that you can obtain your building’s Energy Star rating as easily as possible! The software ensures that data is automatically entered and your score is automatically pulled. The Energy Star Rating will even be added to your VITALITY system to make it much easier to visualize the data. Contact us at VITALITY to learn more about how we can simplify your process and automate your Energy Star Portfolio Manager.

Automate Benchmarking Today!

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