The Benefits Of Water Submetering

Water is one of the most commonly used substances in any home. It is vital for life, as well as providing many necessary functions around the home. Therefore, the water bill may be a rather costly monthly expense. Water submetering services can help a landlord to fairly distribute the water bill based on the consumption of water in each individual unit. There are many benefits to the use of this system for your water utility distribution.

Water Submetering Software
Water Submetering Software

What is Water Submetering?

What is water submetering and what are the benefits? Water submetering is a process that measures the amount of water that is used in a unit or apartment. The submeter is installed on the existing water line. In most cases, this can be done relatively easily at a low cost. Here at Vitality Energy, we have the expertise to install a submetering system to your water pipes. We read the utility consumption as it occurs and generate the water bill accordingly. This allows you to spend time on alternative things. We can completely automate your water utility bill back process, ensuring the easiest, most accurate utility submetering process possible. This blog outlines the benefits of water submetering

The Benefits of Water Submetering

Water submetering is often the most fair way to distribute utility costs. It ensures that tenants are charged directly for their use, without needing to estimate or split the costs based on a percentage. A submetering system is accurate and records the actual use of water of each tenant. Submetering systems can be used to track the use of multiple types of utilities, including water, gas, and electricity.

The use of a water submetering system allows tenants to feel like they have more control over their operating expenses. This is a situation where everyone wins. The landlord doesn’t need to manage the utility bills and the tenants can reduce their costs by reducing their consumption. This helps to encourage water conservation in each unit. When submetering is used with other utilities, it can help encourage their conservation, as well. This builds an optimal situation. It helps ensure that tenants feel as though they are more in control of their expenses and encourages them to take actions to conserve water usage. This is good for your wallet, your tenants’ wallets, and the environment.

The Most Common Uses of Water

Water is one of the most commonly used resources because it is vital for everyday life. Here are just a few of the most common uses for water. Understanding what water is used for can help you understand your water use, as well as the water use of your tenants. Water is used for both drinking and for cooking certain kinds of food. It is also used for many hygienic purposes, including showering and brushing teeth. Water is also used for cleaning purposes, such as washing dishes and doing laundry. Water is also commonly used to water the yard or garden, as well as for many other things. All of these things cause water use to be such a substantial thing.

Easy Ways to Conserve Water

There are many easy ways to conserve water use in a business. Informing your tenants of these tactics can help them save water and lower overall expenses. Additionally, there are upgrades that can be made to the unit that will help save water for everyone. Upgraded toilets are one of the most effective ways of conserving water. Additionally, checking for leaks can help limit water waste in the unit. Leaks in the plumbing are one of the leading causes of excessive water use. It will help save a significant amount of water if you refrain from leaving the water running when you brush your teeth or wash dishes. Replacing showerheads, if applicable, with upgraded versions that are able to help reduce water consumption is another excellent way of lowering overall water consumption in the home.

Water Submetering or Ratio Utility Billing?

Ratio utility billing or RUBs is a technique that can distribute water utility costs based on various factors. These factors are highly customizable and can provide a relatively fair way of distributing utility expenses. These factors can be based on many things, but they often include the number of occupants, the square footage of the unit, or the number of rooms that the unit contains. The number of occupants is most commonly used to distribute water expenses. For example, an office that contains three people will most likely use more water than a single individual in another unit, regardless of the units’ comparable sizes.

This isn’t always a foolproof method, however. An individual that wantonly wastes water may very well use more water than a larger company that practices water conservation techniques. In this way, submetering for your water distribution is the superior method. However, submetering also typically requires the installation of equipment to perform its functions. This can be a rather costly initial investment. Ratio utility billing doesn’t require any specialized equipment. There are benefits to each technique for utility billing distribution. The ideal method for your building or business will depend entirely on your situation and requirements. Our experts are able to help you determine the correct method for you, and help show you the benefits of water submetering.

Obtain Water Submetering Services with Vitality

Submetering services can significantly decrease your overall utility management expenses. Here at Vitality, we have the expertise necessary to ensure that you are using the best utility billing system for your business and your requirements. We are able to provide pristine water submetering services for your company. We are also able to help you implement a ratio utility billing system, if that proves to be the better method for your utility bill distribution. This helped describe the benefits of water submetering.

We strive to offer the best energy management solutions possible. These will help save you both time and money. It will reduce the amount of time you are required to spend managing energy consumption. This will help increase the productivity of your daily operations, as well as allow you to spend your time on more important things. The use of a water submetering system for your utility distribution can help lower your overall operating costs. To learn more about obtaining excellent water submetering services, contact us at VITALITY today!

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