Anomaly Detection

Identify Anomalies In Your Building

Get protection from the anomalies that are costing you money.

Vitality analytics Dashboard

Protection From Anomalies

Analytics are invaluable in protecting your business from excessive energy consumption. Our analytic systems generate advanced comparison charts and energy reports. This will allow you to know the moment that your energy moves outside of normal operating parameters. The advanced system helps gather and compare data, ensuring that it will detect any excessive abnormalities. The data will even create a pattern that will help predict future energy consumption, which will allow you to be prepared for every scenario.

Why Do I Need Protection from Anomalies?

It is important to protect your business from the danger caused by an anomaly. This is because anomalies are caused when your energy consumption varies beyond a tolerable amount. This amount typically indicates that something is malfunctioning and isn’t using energy appropriately. If this isn’t caught until the end of the next billing cycle, it can result in significant expenses. Our real-time analytic services ensure that you will be notified the moment an anomaly occurs. This will allow you to fix the problem immediately before it is able to escalate to unmanageable proportions.


VITALITY Learns From you Data

As data flows to VITALITY, the platform becomes smarter and starts recognizing trends and normal operational energy flow.


VITALITY Identifies Anomalies in Real-Time

When these trends go outside of normal, predicted behavior, VITALITY is able to identify anomalies in the data.


You are Notified About The Anomaly

When an anomaly is detected, VITALITY sends an alarm to a Work Order System, BAS, email, or text message.

Real-time Analytics

Our real-time analytics allow you to see energy use within moments. This helps you to consistently monitor your energy use. Combined with our submetering services, we are able to use real-time analytics to design the best energy management system for your business. It is important to obtain all of the applicable data to have all of the tools necessary to implement effective energy management solutions. These solutions help you lower your operating costs and raise your profits. These convenient solutions are vital in understanding your energy use. To learn more about how to protect your business from anomalies, contact us today!

Stop being reactive in your energy management and start being proactive, with anomaly detection.

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