Vitality’s Software: Top 5 Benefits

It is no surprise to business owners that the cost of energy is rising and will continue to rise. In fact, energy expenses make up a significant portion of many company’s operational costs. Due to this, it is important for businesses to begin to develop energy conservation strategies to minimize their overhead costs and provide the most benefits to their operations. Fortunately, technology has advanced to a point where energy conservation doesn’t have to be a complex, difficult process. Here at Vitality Energy, we provide a large selection of services to optimize your energy consumption. Our software is unique and powerful, without being incredibly complex to use. For complete analytic capabilities, you need look no further than Vitality. Here are 5 benefits of using Vitality’s advanced software for all of your data monitoring and analytic needs.

1. Organized into a Single Location

Vitality’s software gathers data from as many locations as you need. It compiles them all into a single location, which is vital for effective analytics. This provides an array of benefits, as it can prevent loss of data, enhance organization, and allows you to compare all of your data in order to develop useful energy management strategies.

It can get incredibly complex and frustrating to consult multiple platforms when you need to obtain data to make decisions for your company’s operations. By pulling from multiple sources and compiling all of the data into a single location, this software simplifies your process, which can both save you time and minimize your stress. It is also useful to compile into a single location to allow you to look at your energy use as a whole, rather than simply seeing small snapshots of your consumption.

2. Easy to Use

Ease of use is one of the key features of Vitality’s software. You don’t have to wait for an external person to organize the data into an easily readable form; the software provides this service for you! There are many different ways that the software can simplify the energy management process. It automatically updates the data, as well as organizes it into a usable format. Vitality’s software provides many preset solutions, as well as allows you to organize the data in whatever manner best meets your needs. In addition, Vitality’s software allows for easy querying and searching, which can allow you to locate data from specific dates, locations, or whatever other data you require. Not only is the software designed to be simple and easy to use, but we also offer training to ensure that everyone is able to successfully use the many features that the software offers. It doesn’t take a specialist to use Vitality’s software.

3. Vitality’s Software is Customizable

When it comes to efficient energy management, there is rarely a “one-size fits all” approach. This is why Vitality’s software allows for high levels of customization. The dashboard can be customized to provide you with the information that will be most beneficial to your business. By ensuring that the dashboard is customized for your specific needs, you can further simplify the process of gathering and analyzing the necessary information. You can create custom charts to ensure that they remain in the format that will be most beneficial for your purposes, as well as group points in the manner that makes most sense to you. With the ability to customize your account, you can further improve the effectiveness of Vitality’s software for your business.

4. Ability to Add Data Points

Most energy management software requires data points to be entered by the managing company. This can lead to a lengthy process for setting up your data monitoring by waiting for the company to complete a process that you could do easily yourself, with the right software. Though here at Vitality Energy, we are more than happy to input your data and set up your account, we have also provided the ability to add data points yourself. We have provided information regarding how to complete this process on our last blog post. The ability to control this aspect of your data will allow you to ensure that the software is working in a way to meet all of your needs.

5. Extreme Customer Service

Here at Vitality Energy, we make your satisfaction our top priority. We strive to provide superior customer service. For this reason, we don’t charge any fees for support or training. In addition, we will provide a dedicated service representative to ensure that you can obtain all of the support you need to most effectively use our software.

The Importance of Energy Management

Effective energy management is only achievable when the appropriate data is obtained. Even at that, just compiling data won’t be as effective as an organized system that puts data into an easily readable format. This will allow you to analyze the data effectively, which will help you to pinpoint areas where you can improve on your energy consumption. This can save you a great deal of money, as well as provide further benefits. In fact, energy efficiency can go a long way toward promoting your business. Customers and employees alike will feel more confident in choosing your company when you can claim excellent energy conservation measures. Effective energy management creates a situation where everyone wins.

Contact us Today to Learn More About Vitality’s Software!

Here at Vitality Energy, we are passionate about helping you to develop superior energy management strategies to optimize your profits and reduce your energy consumption. We understand that switching to a new platform can often feel overwhelming, especially due to the long periods of time that it tends to take. For this reason, we provide the Vitality Promise. When you work with Vitality Energy, we guarantee that the software will be implemented within a 30-day period or set up is free. It doesn’t have to be a hassle to implement the ideal energy management solutions that can save your business money. To learn more about our software and the benefits that it can provide for your business, contact us at Vitality Energy today!

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