Vitality Is Now NGBS Green Certified

Our team at Vitality is happy to announce that we are officially an NGBS Green Certified Partner. We offer an array of services that are designed to improve energy efficiency and other aspects of your property. With our NGBS Green Certification, we can help to provide you with the reassurance that these services will meet all of your specific needs. These certifications go far beyond many other standards to measure the energy efficiency and other aspects of a building. To learn more about what this means for your building, feel free to reach out to our experts at Vitality Energy for more information. 

Proof of Green Properties

Improving the energy efficiency of a building is often the basic requirement to consider a building to be “energy efficient.” However, there are other steps that can be incredibly beneficial in considering a property to be “green.” An NGBS Green Certification is a process that implements a third-party verification regarding the design and build of a property. This certification ensures that the building meets a high-performance standard in 6 various areas. The process is designed to ensure that it is completed by a third-party, to prevent any biases from impacting the assessment. When you obtain this certification, you can be confident that your property meets extremely high standards regarding many different aspects. This is above and beyond simply having a building that is energy efficient or has been designed to reduce your energy expenses. 

The Areas Certified by NGBS Green

In order to thoroughly understand what an NGBS Green Certification means, you will need to understand the various areas that are included in these certifications. They are generally broken down into 6 specific categories. These certifications consider the overall design of the site where the building is constructed. They also pay close attention to multiple types of efficiency, including resource efficiency, water efficiency, and energy efficiency. NGBS Green Certifications measure indoor environmental quality and also considers how the building operates and is maintained. These various areas all help to ensure that you are confident regarding the overall quality of the building and its overall efficiency. 

The Highest Standard

When you work with an NGBS Green Certified Partner, you will be able to ensure that you aren’t settling for less stringent standards. NGBS Green Certification isn’t solely focused on energy efficiency. These standards measure the building in many different ways, to ensure that it meets a broad array of requirements and expectations. 

When you work with our team at Vitality, you can be confident in the quality of our services. We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible systems and software, which is why we are so thrilled to be an NGBS Green Certified Partner. Implementing the appropriate services can go a long way toward ensuring the ideal atmosphere for your building. Our services at Vitality can help to ensure that the appropriate improvements are made to your building to check off the key areas of a building that is NGBS Green Certified. 

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