Top Tips for Transitioning to a Smart Building

Many new buildings are constructed with smart building technology already implemented, as smart technology is growing in popularity and quickly becoming the new standard. However, when you decide to implement smart building technology to your existing building, it can be difficult to know exactly where to start. Transitioning to a smart building is an incredibly beneficial step for homes and businesses alike, but it is easy to become overwhelmed. Here are some of the top tips for transitioning to a smart building.

Practice Open Communication when Transitioning to a Smart Building


Many employees feel hesitant when a business decides to begin transitioning to a smart building. They may worry that their jobs will be replaced with automation. This isn’t an unreasonable concern, as automation has demonstrated the ability to eliminate many different kinds of jobs. However, smart building technology is not intended to replace your employees, but rather to make their jobs easier. Practice open communication and ensure that your employees understand that smart building technology will help simplify their job, point out potential issues so that they can be resolved early on, and will provide more information. This can help to ensure that everyone is on board with the learning process when it comes to implementing smart building technology.

Choose a Partner and Provider for your Smart Building Technology


It is important to choose a company that you can trust when you decide to make the transition to a smart building. You want to ensure that they have the skill and experience necessary to meet the requirements that you have for your building needs. The right company will help to ensure that you obtain the right equipment and training for your specific requirements. Here at Vitality Energy, our software is user friendly and allows you to perform many of its functions by yourself! The thorough, effective software can provide a world of benefits to the way your business functions.

Decide what you want to Accomplish


There are very many things that can be accomplished with the use of smart building technology. It can be overwhelming to attempt to monitor every component of your building all at once. It is important to consider what specific goals you want to complete through the use of smart building technology. This will help give your company an idea of the tools you will require, as well as the best way to add this technology to your building’s operations. This step will also help you to identify a company that has the software that will meet your needs. If you have specific requirements for your building or industry, it will be helpful to communicate that with us when we begin planning the transition to smart building technology.

Form a Strategy


After you have identified the exact requirements of your building, you will be able to develop a matching strategy. Through this stage, we decide on the equipment and services your building requires, as well as the order in which it should be implemented to the building. The goal is to ensure that you understand how everything works and are able to leverage it to be as effective as possible. It shouldn’t feel difficult to transition to a smart building. The tools that are being implemented are designed to make life easier; not to make everything feel more complicated. It is very possible that the best approach is to start small and scale up in time.  With the right strategy, you can ensure that the project is completed efficiently, on schedule, and to meet all of your requirements.

Consider all of the Benefits


When you decide to begin transitioning to a smart building, it should be a decision that you are excited about. There are many, many benefits to smart buildings. Not only can they save you money, but they can also improve employee satisfaction and keep the building far more comfortable. Smart building technology is able to improve the security of the building, as well as the quality of the air within the building. It can help to notify you of potential maintenance that needs to be obtained as well as thoroughly manage the energy expenditure of the building. Enhanced fire safety, automated systems, and many other capabilities are just a few of the benefits that smart buildings provide to building owners.

Decide on Priorities


Along with the strategy planning, you may want to choose certain aspects to prioritize. For example, implementing real-time data or anomaly detection services can go a long way toward protecting your property. These systems notify you whenever energy use has an unexpected spike. This can help you to find issues with your equipment early on, before an exorbitant energy bill arrives. Real-time data implementation is a project that has a high return on investment, because it can ensure that major issues don’t occur with your energy costs.

Change your Mindset

transitioning to a smart building

The mindset you implement when transitioning to a smart building will have a large impact on the experience. This transition can often feel like a large project that requires a substantial amount of work. In addition, there are many changes which can be difficult to adjust to. It is important to remember that smart building technology is the new solution to old problems. These problems have been around for years, but the technology is simply the most effective tool for resolving the problems. For example, excessive energy consumption is a problem. Using real-time data and monitoring systems to manage your energy consumption is the solution to this problem. When you approach the project with this mindset, it becomes far easier to see the value of smart building technology.

At Vitality Energy, we are passionate about providing you with the newest, most effective tools for managing a building. We are capable of providing the technology to create a smart building, which can provide a whole host of benefits to your home or commercial property. Smart buildings are more than worth the investment. To learn more about smart buildings and how we can implement the right technology to your building, contact us at Vitality Energy today!

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