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Troubleshooting Tehama MDT


  • Magnet (kitchen or industrial)
  • Wire Cutters
  • Wire Nuts
  • DCAP Powered On
  • CIT Software or Phone App

STEP 1:  Verify Communication

Like other MDT models, an LED provides instant feedback of the state of the MDT.   

Wave a magnet across the side of the case near the areas shown to generate an instant transmission (for field testing) and to query the device about its RF status.

  • Red indicates a bad connection with the DCAP Unit.  
  • Green indicates a good connection with the DCAP Unit. 

If the LED is red, try moving the MDT closer to the DCAP and try again until a Green indicator.  If by doing this and the MDT gets to at least 10 feet of the DCAP and still a red LED, then change the MDT out.  

If the LED is green, this means that the MDT is talking to the DCAP fine.   Next Verify the Pulse Collection. 

STEP 2:  Verify Pulse Collection

Using the CIT software verify the latest pulse reading from the MDT.  Example:  1234 

The MDT device requires 2 wire connections for its pulse inputs.  The MDT wires are colored to make those connections easier.  Test the MDT by shorting the MDT’s black and white wires a few times. 

  • Black is the COM or ground.  This should be connected to the common or ground of the meter.
  • White is the Pulse Signal.  Connect this to the NC (normally closed) or NO (normally open) of the meter.

Separate the wires coming from the meter and the wires on the MDT. 
Cut the exposed ends off the Black and White wires on the MDT.
Strip the Black and White wires about 1/4″ to expose new ends.
Short the wires together by tapping the exposed ends together.  Do this 5 times.   
Wave the magnet across the side of the case as described above to send the readings to the DCAP. 
Use the CIT software to verify that the pulses are being incremented.

** By shorting the wires together, you are simulating a pulse count and the MDT is incrementing those pulse counts.  Using the CIT software verify that the pulses are being incremented.  Example:  Reading went from 1234 to 1239.

If the readings are shown to be incrementing, then the meter needs to be maintained, verified that it is generating pulses, or replaced.  

If the readings are not incrementing, then replace the MDT.  

Other Possible Issues

If the MDT seems to be working fine but not getting pulses from the device, check the polarity of the meter. 
If it’s a Badger Recordall, or most electric meters, then polarity of the wires is essential. 
The meter wire connections could be loose to the MDT.  
The DCAP is not placed correctly to give a good radio coverage to the MDT’s.  

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