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Leviton 2000 Power Meter Display Shows VOL


What does the VOL on my Leviton 2000 display meter mean?


VOL means that the Phase to Neutral voltage is below normal. 

When the voltage between Phase to Neutral goes below the accepted minimum of the meter, it will display VOL. 

Recommended Actions

Step 1: 

Perform Field Readings of the Phase to Neutral. 

  • If the readings match the Leviton 2000.  Check with your local utility. 
  • If the readings do not match continue to step 2.

Step 2:  

Reset the meter by Powering Down the Meter, wait 20 seconds, then Power Up the Meter. 
Step 3:  Check the display

  • VOL still on display – return the meter to the manufacturer for repair
  • VOL not on display – reset was successful
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