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Connecting to a Cradlepoint Cellular Modem

For best results, the cellular modem needs to be in an unobstructed area and be at least 6-8 feet away from any devices cellular or radio device to minimize between the devices.  

Initial Modem Installation

  • Select a proper place to mount the modem close to a powered electrical receptacle and as high as possible on the building. 
  • Mount the modem to the wall.
  • Power up the modem.  

Initial Modem Setup

  • Plug your computer into the ethernet port once all of the Signal Lights are stable blue.
  • Go to IP Address
    • Username:  admin
    • Password: default password is listed on the back of the device
  • Menu Panel — Setup Wizards / NetCloud Registration / 
    • Enter your NetCloud username and password
    • Register the Cell Modem
  • Menu Panel –> Administration / Router Security
    • Change the default modem password to the Vitality provided a password and Save
  • Menu Panel –> Administration / Remote Admin
    • Allow Remote Administration and Save
  • Menu Panel → IP   Setup
    • Enable IP Passthrough and Save

Either reboot your laptop with DHCP IP Settings or connect the modem to a DAS device that has been set up to DHCP to verify that the Modem is now distributing the IP Address out.  

Remote Modem Connection (if already installed)

  • Go to the IP Address of the Cell Modem with the added: xxxx after the address in order to log into the actual cell modem.  Ex.
    • :XXXX provided by Vitality technicians
  • Username:  admin
  • Password: Vitality provided password
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