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Salt Lake Community College, (SLCC) is one of the largest community colleges in the country for total student enrolled.  Beginning in 2014 Summa Energy began working with SLCC to fully implement an energy metering system  throughout all of their campuses.

The beginning

Summa Energy Solutions was brought in by SLCC after they initially began their Energy Metering Program. They started with the installation of six Shark 200 Power Meters at six of their buildings located at their Jordan Campus. Summa is capable of using any meter to create a metering system for the specific needs of any customer.

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Since Summa began working closely with SLCC, they have fully metered the three major utilities, Power, Gas, and Water, at their Redwood, Jordan, and South City Campuses. Throughout these campuses they also have installed many BTU Meters, used to monitor their Cold Water, Hot Water, and Steam consumption.

Planning for the future

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When the initial planning for this huge metering project was starting, we knew that this would need to be tackled in phases that would seamlessly come together in the end to create a cohesive whole. From that point until the final phase, Summa planned, managed, and executed the project all the way from design, to the implementation of the Vitality software.

The phases were split up by campus, and then by building. We felt this would be the best way, for a couple of reasons. First of them, we would be able to create a building wide baseline at the same time, as opposed to having historical data for only one of the utilities. This is beneficial for getting a complete understanding of your building’s energy profile. The second reason, was due to efficiency in the execution of the project.

Salt Lake Community College is an excellent example of how metering can be done the correct way, and have a major impact on saving money. SLCC hired and trusted Summa Energy Solutions to Design, Execute, and Manage the metering projects at SLCC.

Bringing it together

What brings the entire Metering System together, is the Vitality Software. It takes all of the raw data produced by the meters installed, and presents them in a beautiful, user friendly environment, allowing for Energy Analysis.

SLCC 2.jpgSumma Energy Solutions and SLCC maintain a fun and productive working relationship. We hope to continue improving on the already excellent system that has been built, addressing many needs that were discovered via the system we had previously installed. SLCC uses the Vitality software every day to assess and inform the progress they wish to make in the future.

Salt Lake Community College is an excellent example to take away tips and ways to do your metering project. They have successfully implemented all stages of the process multiple times over multiple years. SLCC is a leader in the field of facility metering, and Summa Energy Solutions was happy to be an integral part of that process. We hope to bring this standard of metering to many more facilities in the world.

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