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The Vital Report

With the Vital Report, you can generate any table or graph that you can think of. Easily pick your data point and date range and compare any data set to another. Allowing you to create the report you need to save money.

Tenant Billing with Vitality

Vitality takes the pain out of tenant billing by automizing the process from beginning to end. We can make your life easier by billing your tenants for any of their monthly expenses, such as: Power, Water, Natural Gas, Other fees such as trash, snow removal, landscaping, Rent and More!

Creating New Users

Unlike most software companies, we don’t charge per user or seat. This allows you to share your critical data with your team members who can drive change. Setting up a new user in Vitality can be done in a couple of easy steps.

Payment Status

Curious who has paid you? Viewing payment status is easy with Vitality.

Ratio Utility Billing

Ratio Utility Billing or RUBs can be a pain. Do your tenants complain about how you came up with the ratio? Let Vitality’s Artificial Intelligence give you and your tenants peace of mind.

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