Energy Kiosks

Display Your Data in Plain Sight​

Easily display any of your building data in beautiful, public-facing Kiosks​

Everywhere You Are​

When energy information is easily accessible, your awareness of energy consumption habits greatly improves. That’s why we made kiosk viewable on any IP-enabled device. Use your large screen TV or keep tabs with your smartphone.​

Mobile Ready

Mobile ready and touch screen compatible, the Vitality system provides you with the flexibility to easily manage the system regardless of your device preference. No matter your choice, Vitality displays will appear logical and easy to read. Your display can be customized to show at-a-glance the information that’s most important to you.​

Manage Your Building by Managing Behavior​

The easiest and least expensive way to reduce energy costs is to improve how people are using your facilities. Think simple: turn lights off when they’re not needed, following the equipment startup procedures, turn thermostats down in the winter and up in the summer, etc.

Motivating Behavior Change

What changes behavior? Understanding how habits are impacting your overall energy usage. Keeping energy information front and center will build awareness and actualize change.

We’ve seen success when we keep people engaged in regular processing of the displayed information. One example is to set up competitive games for individuals, teams or departments to offer suggestions that save energy. They are given the opportunity to implement their plan and see results. Another example is setting milestones, for which employees and team members are rewarded upon reaching. Create a culture of saving energy.

Put your building data at your fingertips with VITALITY

No credit card, no commitment – just results.

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