Customer Success Story: Ogden-Weber Technical College (OWATC)

What our clients are saying.

 VITALITY IO client Ogden-Weber Technical College (OWATC) was able to use Vitality’s platform to catch a leak on the condensate side of their heating system.  This leak could have cost OWATC a lot of money in damage and wasted energy. With Vitality, they were able to identify the leak before it became costly. 

In a recent discussion Josh Ulm, the Facilities Director at OWATC said.  “We had a steam leak on the condensate side, and we were losing water out of the boilerplate rapidly. There were several different ways that we could look at that data, but Vitality was a great resource to verify the information about the city utility. The data was in real-time so we could tell if the leak was getting worse or if we had gotten it fixed. We had a million different issues that were going on there and with Vitality, we used it to monitor the flow rate.”

Josh went on to say “pulling live data from Vitality is a great way to justify budgets for projects to make our buildings more efficient.”

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“Pulling live data from Vitality is a great way to justify budgets for projects to make our buildings more efficient.”

Josh Ulm, the Facilities Director at OTECH

About Ogden-Weber Technical College

Surrounded by the scenic Wasatch Mountains, Ogden-Weber Technical College has offered hands-on technical education since 1971. The beautiful main campus and the Business Depot Ogden offer convenient schedules, competency-based learning, and training opportunities in high-demand fields. With over 300 technical-skills courses in 32 employment categories, the tech college serves over 6,000 students annually.

Ogden-Weber Technical College

The College At-a-Glance

  • Monthly start dates
  • Competency-based education
  • Over 300 technical-skills courses in 30 employment categories
  • Over 6,000 students served annually
  • Average monthly enrollment of 2,000
  • 600 new students enroll monthly
  • Internships and on-the-job training with nearly 200 employers
  • Custom Fit training for over 200 local employers annually
  • Partnerships with over 100 community organizations

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