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How VITALITY created a complete turn key metering system for the Utah National Guard


VITALITY was able to Design, Program, & Commission a complete turn key metering infrastructure for the Utah National Guard


December 17, 2020

A bit of context

The State of Utah has mandated that all Government controlled buildings larger than 3000 sq/ft need to have all power, water, and gas supplies metered and the data gathered. The Utah National Guard sought the expertise of Summa Energy Solutions to design and execute this project, from beginning to end. Summa has completed the first phase of the multi-phase process.

The Problem

The Utah National Guard needed a solution to fulfill the State mandate for metering. They had looked at several options, and settled on VITALITY for our reputation and the specific expertise we provide in this type of work. The Utah National Guard has many buildings all over the state, so they needed a comprehensive plan, broken into phases, allowing for controlled and steady progress. A plan has been developed for the implementation of multiple phases, and the first phase is 100% complete. The end goal was to meet the State mandate, while at the same time verifying the data is completely accurate and useful in the practical, day to day operations of the Guard.

Complete Metering Design

VITALITY began the Engineering and Design by visiting all the buildings operated by the Utah National Guard. Detailed metering plans and drawings were created for each one. Depicting the location of each meter, the location of each data acquisition server (point of gathering data), and the ideal path of connecting each of them.

Several buildings make up part of a larger phase, and each phase is its own priority.

Phase one consisted of sixteen buildings, located at Camp Williams. VITALITY worked closely with the Guard, and developed plans, budgets, metering schematics, and a detailed plan on how the project would be executed.

Planning was meticulous so as to meet all of the high standards of the Utah National Guard. All installations were inspected, several times, to ensure quality of installation and proper placement of each.

Services Provided

& Design

Programming & Commissioning

Building Automation Integration

Design Build Metering

Programming & Comissioning

After installations had been completed, with all appropriate quality assurance, the meters needed to be programmed and commissioned. Programming and commissioning is vitally important, because each meter needs to be programmed to communicate with the system, and they must be commissioned to provide the correct data. The need for commissioning comes from the simple fact that each meter location has different properties, including pipe size, energy type, energy application, location in relation to the building, pressure, temperature, etc. The list of potential variables is long, and requires expert understanding to ensure the most accurate data possible.

VITALITY Helped The Utah National Guard Meet all state mandated metering requirements.


With the help of VITALITY the Utah National Guard was able to begin meeting the State mandate, and has done so for at least one phase. The first phase was inspected and approved by the State, and all future phases will follow the same pattern, with VITALITY managing from beginning to end, ensuring any problems that arise can be solved quickly and efficiently and allowing the plan to progress according to the timeline.






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