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When you think of cleaner energy, do you immediately think solar, or wind power? That is to be expected, due to the recent clean energy boom in modern society, and how reliant it is on solar and wind. But have you ever wondered if more options exist? Horizon Power Systems have some answers, and have implemented these answers in various locations.


What is redundancy? Redundancy has a few meanings, but for our purpose here, we will use the definition as it is used throughout engineering: “The inclusion of extra components that are not strictly necessary to functioning, in case of failure in other components.” Redundancy is extremely important when it comes to supplying power to a companies essential operations. Many companies could Horizon power cover photo.jpgpotentially lose thousands of dollars with even 20 minutes of down time.

To avoid this problem, a Canadian Gas Processing facility has implemented the C800 Microturbine, which is comprised of four 200kW Capstone units, all provided by Horizon Power Systems. This installation provides all power to an expanded section of the gas processing facility. When maintenance needs to be done, they are able to shut down one Capstone unit at a time, and the remaining three are capable of providing all of the power needed, allowing for almost no down time.

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Since the installation of the C800, it has maintained continuous operations, even during and after the 8,000 hour air filter maintenance. The C800 is fueled by High Pressure Natural Gas. The ability of the C800 to fully provide all power needed for it’s intended application, and the fact that it is 100% redundant, means less than 1% down time. This is a fantastic option for any business looking to reduce their energy consumption, save money, and have the security of knowing they will not experience down time.

Steady Power

Another unique technology, is the C65 Capstone microturbine. 4 C65 devices are installed at a coal bed water injection well site, in the Southwestern United States, since April of 2011. Since that time, they have had 99% runtime, producing 300,000 gallons of water a day. Each microturbine produces 65kW, and they also run on natural gas. The natural gas they run on is produced from the wellhead itself. One of the most wonderful things about these microturbine’s, is that they meet or exceed the world’s toughest emission standards. As a matter of fact, the owner of the well site believes and trusts these microturbine’s so much, that they have installed over 175 of them in multiple locations. The four C65 devices, are responsible for the power to nearly all of the onsite equipment, making their function essential.


There is more going on in the field of energy than most people realize, and Horizon Power Systems is at the forefront of it all. Reducing and improving energy consumption is a top priority for all people in the world, and the innovations they are bringing to the world are huge steps in the right direction. They are making a very strong case for the fact that solar and wind are not the only two options in the world available to society in the pursuit of energy efficiency and the well being of our planet.



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