Case Study: Dixie State University

We recently finished Programming and Commissioning the fourth phase of Dixie State University and their metering infrastructure. Summa Energy Solutions has been involved with DSU since the first phase went out to bid. We were first introduced to Dixie State University through a mutual partner of Summa’s when we had heard that Dixie State University was interested in having their metering projects designed. For the first phase they had tried to use their traditional means of design and engineering but quickly found out about some of the issues that arise.

Dixie State University: Our Energy Solution

First, the traditional approach to energy metering was to add energy meters into the Building Automation System. They went with this approach during phase one and after the project had already been released for RFQ, they found that their current BAS company was charging a high dollar amount to add the “points” into their system.

Second, they found that the technical experience needed for energy metering projects like this was missing for the first phase of construction.

Summa met with DSU and offered our engineering and design services for the next couple of phases. After completing our initial design of what would become phase two of the project, Summa helped DSU oversee the bid process as well as help identify the most qualified contractor for the implantation of the system.

Now, after three phases of construction DSU has a fully operational energy metering platform in all of their 35 buildings. These buildings have power, water, natural gas and in most cases BTU for chilled water reporting back to Vitality.

For more information about the DSU check out our official Case Study here.

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