Best Source of Natural Gas!


 We had lunch the other day with our good friends at Summit Energy. We’ve worked with Bruce, Curtis and Richard for a long time. They are genuinely good people and great to work with. They’ve proven over and over again that they truly want to save their customers money. Not to mention that Market Street Grill is a perennial favorite.

For those who don’t know, in deregulated markets like Utah, Summit can set up commercial users with a wholesale natural gas source at a much cheaper rate than buying from the utility. To qualify, you must meet certain conditions – one of which is to predict each day your consumption for the next day. You want your predictions to be accurate since there are expensive penalties for bad predictions.

What sets Summit apart from their competitors is that they make the predictions in your behalf and cover any penalties so you never have to worry about it. The prediction algorithm in our Vitality Energy Analytics platform makes predictions easy and Summit has made it an integral part of their prediction processes.

If you would like to see if Summit could save you money on your natural gas purchases, you should contact Bruce Rigby. He would be happy to go over the costs, benefits and processes with you.


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