Transforming any building into a smart building

Professional Services


The Smart Building Services you Need

Our experienced team at Vitality is capable of providing the broad array of services necessary to enhance energy management and transform your building into a smart building. If you are considering making the change to a smart building, you can work with Vitality to ensure the smoothest transition. We are capable of installing devices and integrating systems to provide the ideal smart building technology to meet all of your needs.


If you already have various devices installed in your building, there’s no need to start from scratch! Vitality can integrate with these devices in order to reduce your expenses while improving your operations. Through this integration, you can optimize your prior investments and take advantage of previously installed devices.


Managed Services

It can feel overwhelming to keep track of many different aspects associated with operating a building. Our managed services will help to monitor your energy usage, which can ensure that problems are identified and resolved quickly. We are also capable of automating many different things to simplify your processes, such as utility billing processes or other things.

User Training

Many people are unfamiliar with the operation of smart building technology. We offer thorough user training to ensure that you are capable of optimizing the technology that is implemented to your building. The Vitality platform has a large array of capabilities. Training you how to use these capabilities will substantially improve your processes.


Customer Support

It can be incredibly frustrating to experience an issue with your technology that you are unable to resolve. Our customer support is available to help you resolve issues quickly. This goes a long way toward enhancing your convenience and preventing significant issues. Our experienced team is able to provide any support that you need for your smart building technology.


Platform Optimization

Vitality’s platform is designed to work for an array of needs. Your requirements will vary depending on your specific business. Our platform optimization will help to ensure that your dashboard is customized to your specific requirements, which will optimize the capability of your technology.

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