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How We Can Help


Interested in getting into Smart Building technology but don’t know where to start?  Vitality is hardware agnostic, which allows us to work with the best hardware manufactures in the industry.  Vitality can help you design a comprehensive Smart Building with stamped drawings and specifications to meet your needs. 

Project Management

Already have a design but don’t have the time to oversee a project?  Vitality has a team of project managers who can help oversee the proper procurement and installation of your smart building.  


Once your smart building project is complete or if you already have various devices installed in your building, there’s no need to start from scratch! Vitality can help with the integration of these devices. You can optimize your prior investments and take advantage of previously installed devices through this integration.

Device Commissioning

Data integreity is important.  This is why we highly suggest having every device be commissioned to manufacture specifications. Vitality can commission and certify any device for accuracy.  

Software Integration

What is the point of having all of this data if you can’t visualize and run analytics on it?  Vitality can help implement virtually any software platform on the market today.  Let our professional services team ensure that your data is at your fingertips.  

Customized Training

Many people are unfamiliar with the operation of smart building technology. We offer thorough user training to ensure that you are capable of optimizing the technology that is implemented to your building. The Vitality platform has a large array of capabilities. Training you how to use these capabilities will substantially improve your processes.

Our Process

01) Audit

First, we perform an on-site audit to see what existing devices would work to meet your smart building goals. 

02) Design

Second, we do a comprehensive design with blue print drawings that can be used for construction.

03) Implement

Third, we over see the implementation and construction process.

04) Commission

Fourth, after installation, we come back on site to program and commission the smart devices to manufactures specifications. 

05) Software

Last, we oversee the verification of data in the software platform of your choosing.  

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