How To Optimize Your Energy Across Your Portfolio

How To Optimize Energy Across Your Portfolio

With a building automation system, you have a general overview of buildings, rooms, and their energy consumption. While you can make adjustments to buildings or rooms as a whole in order to optimize your energy usage, you also run the chance of inhibiting your most efficient utilities. With a building management system, you can pinpoint individual high-energy users in order to control problem areas, without hindering your best users.

The last thing you need is to be buried beneath a pile of reports trying to track down the utilities that are using unnecessary amounts of energy. With your current building automation system, you have a general idea of where the culprit is located, but not much more than that. What’s more, you don’t have the time to make a physical trip to each of your monitors to find out where exactly your high spenders are located.

Here is the upside: you don’t have to. The VITALITY system is the prime tool of energy management. It will cut down the time, effort, and money that is required to optimize your company’s energy usage.

To maximize your potential for energy management, while cutting down emissions, there are three important things you can do: 

  • Get your data in real-time
  • Know what’s coming
  • Pinpoint your top moving points

Get Your Data In Real-Time

The problem with most building automation systems is that you don’t know how much energy your company is using until the time comes to go out and manually collect the data. Aside from being tedious, the information is only useful for a short time.

  • By the time your data is gathered, recorded, and logged, the information is already on its way to being outdated
  • While you can have accurate numbers of your energy usage at that point, it does not account for the gaps in between the manual collection, meaning that you’re relying on estimates
  • Because of this, energy management becomes reactive instead of proactive

This system worked for a long time, but now there is a better way. You don’t have to always be playing catch-up with your own utilities anymore

  • The Vitality system gives you your data in real-time, so that you can make educated decisions based on the most current information
    • All of the information is streamed through a single channel right to your computer, eliminating the need for the tedious manual collection of data. This saves your company time, effort, and money that can be better devoted towards improving the business as a whole
    • Not only can you see your company’s energy usage, but you also have access to an actual estimated cost, which can guide you in making cost-effective decisions regarding your energy management.

If you want to optimize energy across your portfolio, then you want to have the most current information readily available at the click of a button.

Know What's Coming

When making energy management decisions, it is important to keep the long-term in mind. The trouble with building automation systems is that most of the information you receive comes from each time you’ve manually collected the data.

  • To get an idea of future costs in relation to energy usage, you end up digging through stacks of past reports to create a framework. This is a lot of time and effort you’re spending on a rough estimation

Avoid the rough estimation and upgrade to VITALITY. You don’t have to spend unnecessary effort and hours building a framework for long-term energy usage, when the VITALITY system can do it in moments.

  • From your dashboard, you can view a forecast of coming energy patterns and costs based on past data collected
  • To ensure that you are staying on track, you can match your current operational costs compared against your company’s baseline/budget. This gives you an important measuring point when making decisions that could affect costs
  • Making use of the VITALITY forecast liberates you to make educated decisions based on real-time data, increasing efficiency and optimizing your energy management

Getting an idea of what is to come will help you make decisions and create strategies for making efficient use of your energy. You can cut down energy emissions and reduce costs in the long term.

Pinpoint Your Highest Moving Points

With some building automation systems, the best you can do to find your highest users is narrowing it down to the building they are in.

The trouble is that it takes an unnecessary amount of work and time to find the inefficient utility. While you could simply make adjustments to the building or room as a whole, you risk limiting your most efficient energy users as well as the ones needing improvement.

Optimized energy management does not have to come at the expense of energy-efficient utilities. There are ways now of pinpointing your top moving points of energy usage.

  • See your most efficient properties and points as well as those which are working at less-than-optimal capacity. That way you can see what is working well and apply it to that which is not
  • Instead of making countless back-and-forth trips to monitors in order to find the utilities needing improvement, you can access the data from your Vitality dashboard.
  • This way you can know exactly where to look, saving you time and helping you act quickly

Upgrading to the VITALITY energy management system gives you a much more accurate way to monitor your utilities. By being able to find the source of your least efficient utilities, you can more effectively optimize your energy usage across your portfolio, which means you can cut energy emissions and make cost-effective decisions without losing your most efficient users.

Here Is A More Efficient Way Of Doing Things

If you want to optimize energy across your portfolio, then VITALITY is the way to do it.

  • Save time by having your energy data streamed through a single channel directly to your computer, eliminating the need to go out and manually collect the information
  • Reduce costs by being proactive about how your resources are spent. You have the power to make adjustments that will save your company from higher power bills
  • Don’t waste unnecessary effort tracking down your top moving points when you can have them presented directly to you
  • VITALITY reduces confusion, increases efficiency, and helps you cut back on energy emissions ( which is great for people and the planet).

Make the switch to VITALITY today and be amazed at how much easier energy management can be. Saving your company time and money has never been so affordable. View our Pricing Guide to find the plan that works best for you or, if you have questions, contact us.

Today is the day to upgrade your company to a new level. Today is the day to get VITALITY.

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