Electrical Submetering, What Are the Benefits?

Electrical Submetering is one of the most popular methods for energy management. Energy management procedures are vital in limiting operation expenses, as well as understanding your energy consumption. These services are especially useful for individuals that manage multiple buildings, departments, or tenants. They are also valuable for companies that require a large amount of energy use. Submetering systems can help you allocate utility costs, as well as find places where you can save energy. This will ultimately help save you money. In addition to all of the practical benefits of water submetering, saving energy is good for the environment and helps to create sustainable buildings. Tenants are increasingly concerned with energy efficiency, so this may also help landlords draw more tenants to their properties. It can also help companies obtain more customers that are concerned with the company’s environmental impact.

Electrical Submetering for Successful Energy Management

In order to successfully implement an energy management system, you must collect detailed information about your energy use. Without this information, there will be no way to use effective strategies to reduce energy consumption or to determine how much energy operational processes will require. Without all of the necessary data, you’ll essentially be shooting in the dark with no concept of the proper direction to go. This will result in excessively ineffective energy consumption. This will cost you a significant amount of money in the long run. It is important to gather all of the necessary tools when you begin to oversee energy management for your business.

Electrical Submetering

Electrical submetering begins with installing a power meter that measures energy use. These power meters can be implemented to measure the energy use of individual tenants, departments, buildings, appliances, and more. It can be designed to separate energy use in whatever way you want the energy to be monitored. Electrical submetering also collects the data in a single, centralized location, which makes it easy to compare and analyze the data. This can help you find where energy is being wasted, where energy efficiency could be improved, how much energy a process needs, and many other things. It will also allow you to find a pattern regarding your company’s energy use. This will help you detect and resolve any significant abnormalities.

Submetering Benefits for Tenants

Electrical submetering can help draw tenants to a landlord’s property, as well as significantly increase their overall satisfaction. People care about energy efficiency and management, both because of how it affects their cost of operating and how it impacts the environment. Tenants will be much more likely to choose a property that implements an electrical submetering system, rather than one that uses another system or doesn’t practice energy management processes. This helps to increase their overall satisfaction, because submetering allows tenants to have direct control over a portion of their overhead costs. They are able to use energy conservation strategies to lower their utility expenses.

Tenants are also likely to feel like submetering is a much more fair method for utility bill allocation. It will require tenants to pay only for their own energy use, rather than forcing them to pay for a portion of the entire building’s use. Tenants will be much happier when you use an electrical submetering system to determine your utility bill allocation. Additionally, electrical submetering will encourage tenants to save energy, which will help lower overall operation costs.

Submeters Provide Accurate Measurements

Electrical submetering results in effective, accurate measurements. Other methods of energy management require a certain level of estimation regarding energy consumption. Ratio utility billing, for example, separates utility bills by a percentage based on factors like the number of tenants or rooms in a unit. Though this is a superior method for splitting the bill equally between all of your tenants, it may not always accurately reflect the actual energy consumption of your tenants. A power meter measures the electrical use accurately, which will give you an exact knowledge regarding how energy is used in your business.

Optimize Energy Use

It is only possible to completely optimize your energy use when you have all of the necessary data. Electrical submetering will allow you to monitor every aspect of your regular energy consumption, right as it is being used. This will allow you to create and implement effective techniques to make the best possible use of your energy. Gathering all of the applicable data will allow you to determine what energy conservation methods will be the most effective for your situation.

Submetering Finds Wasted Energy

Not only will electrical submetering help you determine how to optimize your energy use, but it will also help you find where energy is used excessively or wastefully. This can ultimately alert you to problems with your appliances, tools, or many other kinds of energy use. By finding where energy is being wasted, you can quickly eliminate any issues. This will save a significant amount of money for you, your company, or your tenants. It can also alert you to older, energy-guzzling appliances that are in need of an upgrade.

Electrical Submetering Helps Understand your Energy Use

Electrical submetering gives you a very detailed picture regarding your energy use. This will help you understand how you are using energy, where you could be conserving more energy, and how much money you should budget for necessary energy expenses. Submetering services are invaluable for implementing the best energy management system possible.

Submetering can be used for many other things beyond electrical use. It can be used to help monitor the consumption of water, gas, and many other utility types. Electrical submetering is one of the best ways to monitor utility use, as well as allocate applicable utility expenses. They can help you quickly find problems with your machinery or appliances, before they become exceedingly costly. Submetering processes will allow you to have an overall view and understanding of your energy consumption. Here at VITALITY, we offer premium utility submetering services that will provide all of these benefits. To learn more about how to implement submetering services for your energy management project, contact our experts at VITALITY today!

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