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Gateway or Device Changes Do Not Reflect In Vitality


When I change names or titles in the Gateway for Devices or the Gateway, I do not see them change in Vitality.  Why?


Gateway or Device Changes Will Not Reflect In Vitality

Vitality’s Architecture

Due to the architecture of Vitality, if you change the names or titles inside your gateway or device, it will not automatically reflect in Vitality. 

Vitality is designed to have the data stored in 2 different data sources. 

  • Archive – data coming from the Gateway and Devices. 
  • Active – the Vitality Environment that you create. 

As you create the Vitality Environment, you connect to the data in the Archive.  Any edits after that creation do not reflect or sync with the Vitality Active database.  

If someone changes something in the gateway, it will reflect in the Archive, not the Active.  If the User wants to make it match, at this time they need to manually change it in the Vitality screens.   

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