Executive Summary Press Release

Vitality has added the ability to look at more than your energy usage. We have created a way to connect the actual costs of that energyThis turns everything into dollars and displays it on an easy-to-understand diagnostic.  We call it the Executive Summary.  

The Executive Summary is broken down to these parts:

  • Overview – see your current energy costs
  • Forecast – see your future energy costs*
  • Pulses – see your top alarms 
  • Top Moving Properties – see your problematic properties
  • Top Moving Points – see the points to focus on first
  • Devices in Error. – see what devices need attention

* Cost of Doing Nothing:  This is an added feature to the forecast.  It subtracts your estimated energy costs from your entered budget.  This is a quick way of helping you see what the impact of your energy decisions are.  If this number is positive, the “Cost of Doing Nothing” text is changed to “Operational Savings”.  With Operational Savings, you are certainly doing your job.   

Get started today!  All you need to do is:

  1. Add the Square Footage of your properties
  2. Add your Utility Rates to Vitality.  
  3. Designate the points you want part of the Executive Summary and connect them to the previously mentioned Utility Rates.  
  4. Add your Budgeted Energy Cost per month to each property as well as the main Executive Summary.   

That is it.  Vitality will take it from there.  Once you have finished the setup, go to the App Section of Vitality and look for Executive Summary.  Once satisfied, add an Executive Summary to each property and see that property in a whole new energy light.     

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