What is Measurement & Verification?

Measurement and Verification (M&V) is the term used to identify the process of understanding the savings achieved by an Energy Conservation Measure (ECM). There are many facets to a proper M&V, and I would like to take you through some of them and illustrate how Vitality Energy can help with your M&V.

Energy Management & Conservation Measures Explained


To properly understand the potential savings, and to properly verify the actual savings of and ECM, you must create a Baseline. The tools necessary for creating an accurate and functioning baseline, start with metering. As an example, let’s say you wanted to do a lighting retrofit in your facility. There are many needs to take into consideration.

You will not be able to, without metering, with any degree of accuracy, be able to accurately identify what you currently use, where improvements you need to make actually are, AND you will not even be able to properly identify the correct lighting to use in the actual retrofit. Metering is essential in this capacity. Without it, it is just as useful tossing money into the wind and watching it blow away. To learn more about Baselines, click here


When you have the data of your facility, it takes a lot of experience and mastery of Energy to really understand the different ways the data is actually meaningful in your facility. Many companies hire an Energy Manager to take on this large and important task. This capacity is provided by Vitality Energy, through our Virtual Energy Manager program. Please visit our website and learn more about our Virtual Energy Managers. You can have all of the benefits of an Energy Manager, without the high costs. Understanding your data and how to implement the appropriate ECM based on accurate data, is essential.

Energy Conservation Measures

We have spoken a little bit about ECM’s, but I want us to understand just a little more. Any time you conduct a project or implement a technology, to reduce the consumption of energy, it is an ECM. There are vast amounts of different ECM’s that you can perform in your facility, from Co-Gen, LED retrofits, to Load Balancing. Many ECM’s cannot happen and be effective until other ECM’s have happened and function as intended. Having Metering and a Virtual Energy Manager, are great ways to be secure in the knowledge you are taking appropriate steps to reduce your energy consumption. Having a cohesive and complete understanding of your building profile is the very first step to assessing the type of ECM that is best for you. 


Probably one of the most important things you need to have the capacity to do is compare data from BEFORE your ECM, and the data POST-ECM. This is why I stressed the importance of creating an accurate baseline. You cannot truly know your savings, or the energy you are not consuming if you did not know your consumption before. Verification serves many purposes, but chief among them is the confidence it gives you knowing you made the correct choice, and the contractor did what they were paid to do. Many stories have come from Solar Panels not really providing the savings they were promised. To avoid any of the pitfalls of poorly thought out ECM’s and their implementation, we cannot stress enough the importance of Metering and a Virtual Energy Manager.

Energy Management & Conservation Systems – The Energy Metering, Submetering & Verification Process

At the end of the day, you worry about the Bottom Line. Keeping your company open, keeping people employed, and increasing efficiency, are all top priorities for business owners. It is becoming more and more essential to have the correct and accurate energy management so you can find more ways to save. Let us, at Vitality Energy, help you reach your goals.

Energy Management Systems – Energy Conservation Measure – Virtual Energy Managers

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