What is an Energy Conservation Measure?

An energy conservation measure is simply a project or technology implemented to reduce energy consumption in a building or facility. These energy conservation measures or “ECMs” can be implemented one at a time or as part of a bigger energy savings project. When ECMs are implemented one at a time it is easy to measure return on investment or ROI on each measure.

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Different Types of Energy Conservation Measures

There are many types of energy conservation measures that can be implemented. Some ECMs have a quicker return on investment than others, but any ECM properly implemented can help achieve energy conservation goals. Some types of ECMs include:

  • Lighting Upgrades
  • Insulation upgrades and building envelope
  • HVAC equipment upgrades
  • Energy generation such as solar
  • Power upgrades and quality improvements
  • Energy dashboards

Lighting upgrades

One of the most popular ECMs is a lighting upgrade. Lighting upgrades are often considered the “low hanging fruit” of energy conservation. Often companies look to improve their lighting from outdated or old lighting to newer technologies such as LED. Other ECMs in lighting could include sensors and sky lights.

Insulation and building envelope

Identifying where you are losing energy on your building envelope can greatly increase the return on investment of other ECMs. These ECMs can include upgrading roofs and building insulation as well as improving windows and doors to meet modern storm standards.

HVAC equipment upgrades

Upgrading HVAC equipment can greatly increase return on investment as well. Often when buildings are built or have been operating for some time, they need to be commissioned or retro commissioned to operate more efficiently. This, along with upgrading controls to meet building operations can also conserve energy.

Renewable Energy generation.

There are many forms of energy generation that can help a company meet or exceed its energy conservation group goals. One of the most popular today is Photovoltaic or PV solar. Solar is a great way to generate power to help save money and energy, however like all ECMs, you should look at the effects of renewables on your facility

Power upgrades

Upgrading power equipment and understanding power quality is an important step in any company’s energy conservation plan. Poor power quality can cause all kinds of issues inside of a facility that can be costing companies money. Things like improving power factor and load balancing can help save money and increase energy efficiency.

Energy dashboards

The most critical energy conservation measure that a company can implement is energy analytics or dashboard program. These programs such as Summa Energy Solutions’ Vitality Platform can help identify ECMs as well as properly measure the return on investment of the ECMs implemented. These systems can easily be implemented through smart meter technology.

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